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Blue and Grey Living room Ideas

Blue and grey decor seems to be everywhere in the world of interior design right now. Grey is a timeless color that's been hot for the last several years, and blue is classic, soothing, and easy to decorate with. Together or separate, these beautiful colors can help you create a relaxing and welcoming blue and grey living room that you'll love for years to come. And we're here to help inspire you with some of our favorite blue and grey living room ideas. Whether you're doing a complete makeover or just an update, we're confident that you'll find something you love from these decorating tips. We've included ideas for grey palettes, blue palettes, and palettes that combine both colors to ensure there’s something for everyone. So please keep reading to see our top picks for expertly decorated blue and grey living room ideas to help you transform your space.

Dark and Light - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Cool Blues

Multi-use spaces often get a bad reputation as challenging to decorate, but this grey and blue living room gets it right. The flowing, abstract rug pattern adds a ribbon of blue to set the tone for the rest of the space, giving it a relaxed and calming look against the warm grey floor. We love the blanket ladder by the home office area in this living room, making this nook feel cozier and more welcoming. And don't forget the pops of blue in the throw pillow arrangement and shelf accents.

Dark and Light

This contemporary living room features light blue undertones with plenty of contrast created by dark grey and black accents. The large area rug adds intricate details and an understated blue colorway while anchoring the furniture in the seating area. And the dark grey mantle around the fireplace adds instant contrast at the center of the room. This contrast continues with the sofa, the coffee table base, and even the frames of the accent chairs. Recreate the look by adding a sizeable light-blue area rug to a space decorated primarily in black or charcoal grey, white, tan, and ivory.

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Cool Blues - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas
Modern Glam - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor

Modern Glam

This modern glam living room stands out with its chic geometric accent walls in warm tones of white and grey. If you’re not up for painting your walls, you can capture this look with decals or wallpaper to create an alluring geometric background in your living room. Add an understated ivory and blue area rug to balance the warmth from the accent cabinet, and you have a complete, sophisticated palette. Subtle pops of blue and grey can balance glam looks, keeping the vibe calming and welcoming.

All in the Rug

Earthy neutral furniture and accents like we see in this modern grey and blue living room make it easier to decorate your space and create a welcoming, traditional appeal. But without accent colors, the look can fall flat. So if you have an earthy neutral living room that needs a touch of life, take a page from this design and add your accent colors with an eye-catching area rug. This grey and blue area rug features a bordered abstract design that modernizes the room while adding calming color.

All in the Rug - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas
Patio Blues - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Aqua Paradise

You can simplify the process of decorating your living room by adding a multicolored area rug with a blue-based palette and building your decor around it. Here, we see hues of blue and aqua in the area rug, and they continue up to the sofa and accent chairs. The throw pillow arrangement on the sofa adds a touch of grey to ground the space, while the artwork above adds to the calming appeal of the area.

Patio Blues

Patios are the perfect spot to build a living room space outdoors, and this one gets it right. This patio design features a textured grey and blue area rug to define the space and set the tone. The grey, textured sofa with light cushions, a patterned throw pillow, and a cool-toned blue throw blanket cement the look while the plants and lanterns soften it. Potted plants and natural wood tones work well with the blue and grey decor, especially in exterior spaces like this.

Aqua Paradise - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

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Light Blues - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Light Blues

Sometimes all you need to define the color palette in your space is an eye-catching sofa and area rug combo. This entire living room has excellent color coordination, with hints of blue popping up everywhere, from the accent table to the bust by the window. The tasseled area rug features a light palette with ornate detailing, and the throw pillow arrangement continues the color scheme while adding more patterns to keep things interesting. And don't forget the beautiful wall hanging above the sofa, brightening the space and adding an elegant focal point.

Silver and Blue

Sophisticated and inviting, this lovely living room makes excellent use of a medium-sized area rug to define the seating space. The cream-toned sofa comes to life with the addition of rich blue accent pillows, but what we love the most in this room is the use of silver. Silver is an excellent way to add grey to your space while keeping things glam and elegant. Try adding silver throw pillows, accents, and even furniture frames to your design alongside cool blues to capture the look.

Silver and Blue - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas
Attractive Patterns - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Attractive Patterns

This attractive living room is aesthetically appealing and engaging with an eye-catching bordered area rug and patterns on the wall. It relies on a palette of grey, white, tan, black, and blue to create a calming and welcoming space. We love the addition of black in a single throw pillow and the texture variance created throughout the room. Notice how the deep blue in the rug enhances the allure of the grey-blue walls and warm white baseboards.

Blue on the Walls - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Navy Love

This modern grey and blue living room features a lovely earthy neutral palette that would look spectacular on its own. The space is beautifully designed, from the natural and grey-toned area rug to the grey sofa with earthy neutral accents, all the way up to the shelves and marble-style mantle. But the addition of the navy-blue accent chair is what makes it one of our top favorites. Try adding a rich navy accent to an earthy neutral palette to transform it into something more modern and inviting.

Blue on the Walls

If your living room has blue walls or just a blue accent wall, a palette of greys and earthy neutrals is sure to bring the space to life. Here, we see a beautiful grey floor with an eye-catching grey striped rug to define the seating area. The greys continue up onto the cream-toned accent chair, making the room look calm and relaxing.

Navy Love - Blue and Grey Living Room Decor Ideas
Warm and Cool - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Blues and Neutrals

As we see in this room, earthy neutrals like ivory, tan, warm grey, and brown look beautiful with blue. It's a combination found everywhere in nature that the ground meets the sky, so it's naturally soothing. Here, we see the abstract area rug setting the palette for this seating area. The throw pillows pull warm grey tones and light blue tones from the rug’s color scheme while making the sectional more inviting. You can recreate the look in your neutral space with a calming abstract rug in blue, grey, and tan tones.

Warm and Cool

With a vivid blue area rug adding traditional styling to the space, this chic living room makes excellent use of both warm and cool hues. The rose gold accent table and tan throw pillows complement the wood floor, while the blue accent pillows gracefully continue the palette. In addition, we love the combination of sheer and opaque curtains in white and warm grey in the background. This combo subtly completes the look while allowing a luminous glow into the space and maintaining the light, chic appeal.

Blues and Neutrals - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas
Textural Fun - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Textural Fun

Textures can elevate almost any space, especially the living room. A Scandi-style shag rug defines this seating area with eye-catching tassels and a large grey and blue design. The grey and blue theme continues with the throw pillows and the blanket draped across the back of the sofa. And so does the textural fun! Notice the variety of textures, from the shag rug to the faux fur blanket, tasseled lumbar pillow, eye-catching pouf, and tufted sofa cushion.

Moody Modern

Moody and modern, this living room makes great use of blue and grey accessories to create a cozy and welcoming seating area. We love the abstract artwork, adding a touch of black. Black goes well with blue and grey palettes because it has a grounding effect while giving the eye someplace to rest. Notice how the vibrant blue in the detailed area rug anchors the furniture while the sheer grey curtains create an understated glow. And don’t forget the array of textures and patterns found in the pillow and throw arrangement on the sofa, adding variety for visual interest.

Moody Modern - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas
Pops of Blue - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas
Dov Plawsky Photography

Pops of Blue

Larger living rooms allow more space for guests as well as extra design potential. Here, the large area rug makes excellent use of the square footage in this space, holding all flour legs of the furniture for a grounded appeal. We love the subtle grey blues throughout the room, but it’s the pops of blue in the throw pillow arrangements that bring the space together. Throw pillow arrangements make it easier to add your accent color without overdoing it with bold tones.

Warm Tones with Grey - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas

Yellow Accents

Yellow goes well with blue and grey living rooms, making an eye-catching accent and giving your space a professional feel. It's important not to overdo it with the touches of yellow—in this room, yellow is confined to the throw blanket and artwork on the wall. Notice how the space reflects the palette used in the painting. The addition of grey with the sofa and window treatment adds an in-between, keeping the look balanced and modern instead of overwhelming.

Warm Tones with Grey

This lovely seating area has an instant cozy appeal thanks to the fireplace and plush accent chair. We love the warm neutral tones throughout the space, from the warm-toned white walls to the earthy throw pillow and gold accented candle holders. But the grey area rug, bench, throw, and vase are essential for balancing the palette and creating visual interest.

Yellow Accents - Blue and Grey Living Room Ideas
Dov Plawsky Photography

We hope you’ve found the perfect inspiration for your space from these beautiful blue and grey living room ideas. Blue and grey decor makes decorating beginner-friendly, so you can feel confident in your design regardless of your skill level. And if you need more inspiration, check out our selection of blue and grey living room area rugs to find hundreds more beautiful photos to base your space on.


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