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Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Modern farmhouse styling is everywhere right now, so if you’re looking for farmhouse kitchen ideas, you’re not alone. Farmhouse design is inviting with a rustic appeal, a perfect look for the heart of your home. We've highlighted some of our favorite farmhouse kitchen ideas to help you decorate your space with a style that's as unique as you are.

Bright and Airy - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Small Spaces

Farmhouse style often means making do with what you have, and this small dining room is an excellent example of that. We love the small vintage-style rug atop the classic tiling, in addition to the white curtains and pendant light. But our favorite part is the mix and match chairs, which creates a classic farmhouse appeal while keeping things cozy.

Bright and Airy

Modern farmhouse homes often make use of white walls and cabinets to keep things bright and airy. We love all the storage created by the ample cupboards in the space, as well as the spacious kitchen island. And don't forget the beautiful marble backsplash or the vintage-style rug runner. Finally, notice the subtle addition of black on the kitchen island to create a grounding sense of contrast.

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Small Spaces - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Modern Greys - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
@Molly T.

Modern Greys

Grey is a popular modern color that fits nicely with the white, tan, and brown colorways standard in farmhouse decor. Here, we see a beautiful grey accent wall creating gentle contrast with the tiled backsplash and vintage-style rug runner. The counter-height stools at the kitchen island, create a relaxed appeal pulling the full farmhouse look together.

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Rich Natural Tones

This modern farmhouse kitchen features a rich wood tone on the shelving, countertops, and flooring, creating a unified natural look. We love the white cabinets and the open shelving, but our favorite part is the eye-catching backsplash. Add a flatwoven or thin-piled area rug for extra style and to protect the floor while offering padding for the joints while preparing food.

Rich Natural Tones - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design By mStarr Design Studio
Open Design  - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Design by Andrea Design

Open Design

Open, flowing floorplans give farmhouse kitchens a decidedly modern appeal. We love this bright, contemporary space with exposed wood, open shelving, and white walls. Notice the artful hanging lights and the wood accents around the range hood. And don't forget the modern counter-height chairs at the kitchen island.

Bright Lighting - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Bright Lighting

Deep wood tones work well for capturing a modern farmhouse kitchen look without overdoing it. Here, we see a well-lit kitchen with bright lighting from the recessed ceiling lights and the artistic pendant lights--this is an excellent approach in spaces without a lot of natural light. Choose an artistic rug runner for added color and charm, plus, protection for wood or tiled floors.

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Earthy Elements

Vintage furniture and exposed earthy elements can create a farmhouse look in an instant. We love the open shelving and cabinets, as well as the textured pendant light and exposed ceiling beams. And notice the thin, modest rug beneath the table and chairs. A thin rug is good in dining spaces because you won't feel like you're falling backwards if the back legs of the chairs move off its surface.

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Earthy Elements  - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Intentional Lighting - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Intentional LightingS

Good lighting helps make a farmhouse kitchen feel spacious and open regardless of how much space you're working with. In this space, we love the lighting above the cabinets and the lighting above the stovetop. The beautiful pendant lights over the kitchen island are the icing on the cake, which match the handles on the cabinets and creates a warm and cohesive space.

Calm Blues  - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Inspired Beauty

This farmhouse-inspired kitchen makes excellent use of exposed wood grains and classic tiling on the backsplash. We love how the area rug continues the tiled appeal while adding color to the floor and keeping things modern. And don't forget the beautiful glass-doored cabinet to the side, mimicking the look of open shelving.

Calm Blues

Blue is a soothing color for a modern farmhouse kitchen, and we love how it brings this small space to life. Notice how the blue rug runner completes the look without overwhelming the space with color. And don't forget the beautiful gold accents throughout, all the way to the picture frame. We also love the subtle use of black, from the oven to the fruit bowl and the tea kettle – black is a grounding color that helps balance bright tones.

Inspired Beauty - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Classy Style  - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Eclectic Vibes

Hanging artwork, fun light fixtures, and open shelving can transform any kitchen into a fun and eclectic farmhouse space. We love the wood grain countertops and blue traditional vintage style rug runner protecting the bright tile floor in this kitchen. Add a cozy velvet bench to give friends and family a spot to hang out in the kitchen without being in the way.

Classy Style

A warm white instead of a true or cool white can create the inviting appeal of an elegant farmhouse kitchen without much work. We love the tiled backsplash and the vintage-style rug runner, which is thin enough to prevent tripping while still protecting the floors and adding style and color. We also love the added contrast of the black countertops with the white countertop on the kitchen island.

Eclectic Vibes  - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Bright and Open - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Bright and Open

When you're working with limited space, bright and open designs work well for a farmhouse appeal. We love the wood countertops and a butcher block-style table beneath open shelving. A patterned runner is the perfect way to add style, personality and warmth to the highly trafficked and used space. Adding a touch of grey and a bit of stainless steel can modernize a farmhouse space in an instant.

Muted Green

Green is a classic farmhouse color, but most of us don't want a bold green throughout the kitchen. The light sage green color found on the cabinets in this kitchen does a great job creating a relaxing appeal without overwhelming the space. And the addition of exposed wood grain continues with the natural look while looking beautiful against the white brick backsplash.

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Small Open Shelves - Modern Kitchen Design Ideas
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Artistic Lighting  - Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Artistic Lighting

This farmhouse kitchen is bright and warm, creating an inviting aesthetic despite limited floor space. We love the small rug runner in front of the sink and food preparation areas, protecting the floor while offering padding for the joints. And don't forget the artistic lighting hanging above the kitchen island, brightening the space while adding charming rustic accents.

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Deep Wood Tones  - Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Deep Wood Tones

Warm whites and deep wood tones create a romantic and inviting farmhouse aesthetic in almost any space. And with an open floorplan, exposed beams on the ceiling, and an artistic stone backsplash, this kitchen and dining room have it all. Notice how the hanging lights add character and rustic appeal to the entire space, drawing your attention to the exposed ceiling beams.

Paneled Walls

This charming farmhouse kitchen features white paneled walls with a rustic wood grain floor, creating a relaxed appeal. We love the light-toned rug runner in front of the food prep sink and fridge, protecting the flooring. But the star of the show is the large clock decorating the wall, which creates contrast and a welcoming farmhouse atmosphere.

Paneled Walls  - Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas
Bright Contrast  - Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Bright Contrast

With white cabinetry and countertops, this bright farmhouse kitchen has an airy atmosphere balanced by the contrast created by the accents of black and blues throughout the space. We love the deep blues in the rug runner, as well as the charming appeal of the brass metallics on the light, sink, cabinets, and oven. Brass, white, black, and blue, with earthy tones in the backsplash, can create a relaxed farmhouse color palette in any space.

Warm and Inviting

A mix and match set of chairs around a vintage-style table is an instant way to capture a farmhouse appeal. We love the vintage area rug beneath the table and chairs, as well as the grey tiled backsplash in the open kitchen. And don't forget the charming accents, such as the vase of greenery on the kitchen island and the stacked books on the table.

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Warm and Inviting  - Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

We hope these modern farmhouse kitchen ideas and tips have helped you decide how to decorate your kitchen. Remember, you may need to adjust your design based on the layout of your kitchen, but that’s what interior decorating is all about! Look for ways to use the styling of your kitchen and make notes about how you might change things like the cabinets and countertops as you go.


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