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farmhouse Rug Ideas

People love the easy feel of farmhouse style. It’s nostalgic, yet modern. It is organic and inviting. Farmhouse rooms are comfortable, authentic, natural, and attractive. A farmhouse area rug should be textured, have simple lines, and give the room an “aged to perfection” feel. Read on for our favorite farmhouse area rug ideas.

Farmhouse Living Room

Even though this farmhouse living room is mostly neutral colored, it's not lacking in texture or dimension. Wooden accents + a large, ivory and light blue handwoven rug holds all of the seating area furniture perfectly making the room feel harmonious and inviting.


A farmhouse living room should feel like home to everyone that lives there. Far from the stuffy constraints of a formal living room, the farmhouse living room should feel comfortable, easy, welcoming, and personal. A farmhouse living room rug will help create the carefree environment you’re looking for.

Farmhouse Living Room
Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas
Photo: Craig Washburn

For something more neutral, consider a traditional style pattern in light colors like gray, ivory or blue, or a woven jute or sisal rug to ground and define the space.


Rugs are a must-have for the bathroom. Not only do they add softness and color, but they also help to prevent slipping by absorbing drips and splashes from the bathroom floor.

In a simple white or neutral colored farmhouse bathroom, add a pop of color with a vintage style farmhouse rug. A rug in deep reds and browns grounds the space and gives the space a modern farmhouse feel.

Farmhouse Bathroom
Farmhouse Dining Room


Farmhouse dining rooms are often monopolized by wood and metal. A beautiful white oak dining table on warm wood floors can make the room feel a little too ‘wooded’ so dining room rugs help to soften and break up the space. They add color, style and unique texture to the room. Here are our top farmhouse dining room rug ideas.

You’ll want your dining rug to have a low pile so that the inevitable crumbs and spills can easily be cleaned. If you’re wanting a light or neutral colored rug in your dining space, but are worried about wear, consider an indoor/outdoor rug or one that's printed. These rug types are the perfect accessory to add pattern and softness to a farmhouse dining room as they're easy to clean and maintain.

You can’t go wrong with jute in any farmhouse style room. Jute and sisal woven rugs are a staple in farmhouse design. We love the jute rug in this farmhouse dining room because of the organic texture it adds.

Farmhouse Dining Room

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