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Farmhouse Rug Decor Ideas 

Farmhouse style remains one of the most popular interior design styles out there because of how calming and homey it is. There are those trademark farmhouse decorations and signs you hang around the house, but another key part of farmhouse style is incorporating at least one rug so that your space feels cozy and welcoming. Looking for some ideas of how to add a rug to your home? Read on for some tips, tricks, and examples of other farmhouse style homes.

Highlighting Wood Tones - Farmhouse Rug Ideas


Farmhouse style as a whole loves to use light wood tones and flowers throughout the home. This room showcases that with the wooden window frames, mantle, and furniture. However, part of the reason they are so beautifully on display is because of how the rug incorporates similar colors browns and tans to fit into the design. You can do that with your rug and also expand the room's color palette by including other colors like the blues and reds of this rug.

Light and Airy - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Light and Airy

Neutral colors are pretty prominent in farmhouse style since they allow other pops of color to shine and can be very soothing. If you focus on incorporating lighter neutral tones throughout a room, then you can really create a space that is calming. Plus, lighter colors can also make a room feel bigger, so keep that in mind with small rooms in particular.

Textured Rugs

Braided or textured rugs really fit into country/farmhouse homes, and when you add one to a room, you naturally bring in those styles. However, braided rugs still come in a variety of different designs, weaves, color palettes, and sizes, so whether you lean into a true farmhouse style or you're blending it with another modern style like this room does, a braided rug can help you achieve your desired look.

Textured Rugs - Farmhouse Rug Ideas
Farmhouse Kitchens - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Farmhouse Kitchens

There are many reasons why adding a runner rug is a great addition to any kitchen, but it can be especially impactful in farmhouse kitchens. The right runner rug can back up other colors in the room, like this rug does with the backsplash on the wall. Plus, it can fulfill the other goals of farmhouse style by making the room feel homey, light and airy, and classy.

Framing The Space

Sometimes it's the most basic, simple features that make your room feel whole. The rug beneath this dining room table follows the guidelines of leaving about two-three feet of rug behind the chairs, but it also accomplishes something else: it frames the entire dining area with the border around the edge of the rug. Of course, this doesn't need to be the case for every dining room rug, but you can see the potential here and how it defines that main area.

Framing The Space - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

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Playing With Shapes - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Playing With Shapes

Geometric shapes and lines pop up in a variety of interior design styles, especially modern farmhouses. This room incorporates lines in several different ways with the window panes, the cabinet, the sofa, and even the straight lines of the chair. However, there are other shapes as well with the unique table, the artwork, and the rug, and yet the room doesn't feel scattered in its design. Remember, your design themes and motifs should have several interpretations/appearance so the accents are unique while still being thematically consistent.

Cowhide Rugs - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

It's Only Natural

It's already been established that farmhouse style loves to incorporate wood, but aside from that, other natural materials and plant life can really make your space feel like a breath of fresh air. In this case, a large jute rug serves to ground the main seating area and bring in yet another natural material to this already natural room. You can see how such a simple rug doesn't make your room look empty or bare; it actually makes a big statement just by virtue of its texture and finish.

Cowhide Rugs

A big part of farmhouse style is harkening back to life on the farm, and there's no more fitting way to do that than to include an animal hide rug as part of your decor. Aside from the very apparent shape, an animal hide rug provides a beautiful texture and design to your room. They're available in so many different shapes, sizes, pile heights, and styles, so you can find an animal hide rug that is perfect for your home in every way.

It's Only Natural - Farmhouse Rug Ideas
Modern Farmhouse Entryway - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Entryway

The right entryway rug can perfectly combine farmhouse and modern style in many different ways. In this case, the rug shows off neutral farmhouse colors in a modern design that focuses on geometric shapes and stripes. The simple, non-distressed pattern also brings the rug into modern farmhouse territory and pairs perfectly with the other decor in that room. When you're looking to create a modern farmhouse vibe, look at areas like these to perfectly blend the two styles.

Shape Your Style - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Shape Your Style

The most popular shaped rugs for most homes are rectangular and runner, but round rugs can really help you in creating a farmhouse style. Since the style is so focused on creating homey, welcoming spaces, a round rug can do that just by sheer virtue of its shape. Rugs with rounded edges instead of rigid corners convey a softer tone than other rugs and can make your space feel light and air. Plus, round rugs are available in many different materials, patterns, and color palettes so you don't have to settle for any old round rug.

Classic Country

There are ways to incorporate that more country feel into your home in a classy, non-cheesy way! This rug shows off rooster imagery along with classic swirls and curves. This rug in particular is great at displaying that classic farmhouse imagery and making it classic with the swirls and overall pattern. Whether you go for a rug just like this or not, it proves a valuable point: you can blend country and traditional styles for a timeless design.

Classic Country - Farmhouse Rug Ideas
Buffalo Plaid - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Layers of Design

How you place your furniture on top of the rug really impacts how well it fits into the space and what tone it sets. Oftentimes, in more traditional spaces, the furniture is parallel to the rug. Another option though is to angle furniture on the rug to create a different look, encourage conversation, or just set up a different view. WIth furniture and rugs, you can choose how much to layer them, so look at your room's size, the layout, and the furniture size to help you decide how far you want the furniture on the rug.

Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo plaid, particularly black and white buffalo plaid, is a style that's synonymous with farmhouse style. When you add a buffalo plaid rug to your home, be sure that you use the rug's color palette to inspire the rest fo the room's scheme and don't just copy the plaid design over and over again. As you can see in this room, the pillows and blankets use the same color palette but different designs, which really ties them back to the rug without feeling stale. Look for similar opportunities have your decor and rug work well together.

Layers of Design - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Staying Grounded - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Staying Grounded

Most times when you place a rug in the room, you'll have it overlap with the furniture at least a little bit so that it doesn't feel like it's "floating" in the middle of nowhere. The rug doesn't have to be under the main seat though; as this room displays, you can have furniture and even small accents like poufs on the corners of the rug to tie the space together.

Layering Rugs - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Open Concept Homes

In open concept homes, it can be a struggle to define the different spaces. This room could easily fall into that with how close the island is to the sofa, but in this case, the rug very intentionally divides the space physically by being placed under the sofa. However, it still unifies the greater room by using a similar color and style to the dining room. Open concept rooms should be consistent in style but defined in their designated spaces, so look for rugs and other options to help you achieve that balance.


You don't have to use one large area rug to fill the entire room; you can add variety through multiple rugs and layering them on top of one another. When you do, make sure there are some similarities between the rugs, such as similar color palette or overarching style. Also plan to set the rugs in practical locations like the side of the bed or the middle of the room to add comfort and visual interest to those key areas.

Open Concept Homes - Farmhouse Rug Ideas
Farmhouse Cabin - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Thematic Consistency

You often see rugs used on tile just in the kitchen or bathroom, but this living room shows off how well a larger rug can pair with a tiled living room. No matter what room you're working in, when you pair a rug with tile, look for similar imagery and motifs with the rug and tiles so that the room feels thematically whole.

Farmhouse Cabin

Farmhouse style blends extremely well with rustic, woodsy styles too, especially when you find numerous creative ways to add wood tones to the room. However, to keep the space from feeling overly dark, it's important to give some reprieve and softness to the room. You can achieve that goal through fabric chairs, textured tapestries, or a well placed rug.

Thematic Consistency - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Vintage Rug, Modern Farmhouse - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Vintage Rug, Modern Farmhouse

Some rugs will show off very vintage imagery, but you may not think of them as vintage because the pattern isn't faded or distressed. However, rugs like these fit perfectly into modern farmhouse homes since they're cleanly presented but thematically farmhouse style. Pair that rug with simple seats, modern tables, and other accents and you can create a beautiful modern farmhouse living room.

Southwestern Farmhouse - Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Long, Narrow Spaces

Bathrooms, galley kitchens, and kitchens with islands often have narrow spaces, although the specific length of those spaces can vary and call for different size rugs. In situations like these, you can use two separate runner rugs to divide the space up, or you can use one long runner to create one consistent path. Neither approach is wrong, so consider your wants and needs, the size of your space, and custom runner rug options if you choose one long rug.

Farmhouse Cabin

Farmhouse style blends extremely well with rustic, woodsy styles too, especially when you find numerous creative ways to add wood tones to the room. However, to keep the space from feeling overly dark, it's important to give some reprieve and softness to the room. You can achieve that goal through fabric chairs, textured tapestries, or a well placed rug.

- Farmhouse Rug Ideas

Farmhouse style isn't a one size fits all style; it has many different interpretations and unique ways to be on display. Modern farmhouse, vintage farmhouse, country farmhouse, and so many other combinations exist to be explored and used in unique ways. Through intentional placement of your rug, pattern choice, texture, and color palette, you can find at least one farmhouse rug to perfectly convey your one of a kind style.


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