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Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Luxurious, classy dining rooms aren’t as common as they once were, with so many homes moving over to enjoying meals in the kitchen or living room. Still, though, these beautiful spaces have their place, and we certainly don’t want to see them go out of style. We’ve highlighted some formal dining room ideas sure to inspire you to design a unique and stylish dining room for family gatherings, celebrations, and special occasions. Keep reading for useful tips.

Classy Appeal  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography

Classy Appeal

There's nothing wrong with going for pure elegance and class in your formal dining room, especially if the surrounding architecture will match the look. We love this space, with similar tones and patterns in the area rug and the backs of the dining chairs. And don't forget the beautiful chandelier of the floral patterned curtains, offering privacy and a buffer for the sunlight.

Table for Four  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Table for Four

If you don't have room for a large dining table and formal dining room, try a table for four in the kitchen, ideally by a bright window. This kitchen uses an eye-catching rug runner leading up to the table, adding color and style to the space. And if you want extra seating, look for a table with a removable leaf so that you can expand it when needed.

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Bright and Modern

Any space where you can fit a table can be home to a formal dining space with a bit of decorating and styling. Here, we see a beautiful contemporary style with seating for six atop a modest area rug. When you don't have a lot of room, choose a thin rug to prevent the feeling of falling backwards when the back legs of the chairs go off the rug.

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Bright and Modern - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas
Contemporary Appeal  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Contemporary Appeal

With a bold bordered rug and pedestal table, this formal dining room commands attention. We love the large, bright windows and the durable, natural rug texture. And don't forget the comfy chairs offering seating for six, which could be expanded to eight. Touches like classy pendant lights and a vase of flowers can make all the difference in a formal space, too.

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Bistro Set  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Bistro Set

Sometimes, you just want a formal dining spot to get away from the technology and noise. A bistro set can provide seating for two in any out-of-the-way space. We love the sheer grey curtains, offering privacy while still allowing the glow of the sunlight to filter in. And don't forget the comfy chairs, inviting you to sit and stay awhile.

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Modern Art

Artwork can go a long way in making a space feel formal and elegant. We love this table for two, with exposed woodgrain, modern chairs, and large abstract wall art surrounding it. Notice how the area rug features abstract patterning in a similar colorway, continuing the aesthetic on the floor. And don't forget the artistic vases throughout the space, including the one decorating the table.

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Modern Art  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas
Penthouse Style  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Penthouse Style

It's hard to go wrong with a simple and elegant table for six situated on a distressed area rug beneath an array of attractive hanging lights. When you add the spectacular view and floor-to-ceiling windows, the look is stunning. We love the simple color palette and the artistic approach to both the lighting and the table decor.

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Bold with Black  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Glamorous Dining

This dining room demands something special with rich blue walls and curtains and a beautiful red area rug. And the clear chairs with the white table and chevron patterned tabletop deliver. Notice the chandelier hanging above the table, adding to the glamourous appeal and the classy vintage chest at the wall.

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Bold with Black

This dining room uses bold touches of black with the table, chairs, and accents around the set. We love the simple, thin area rug. The thin rug will prevent a feeling of falling backwards when the back legs of the chairs move off its surface to accommodate guests. And notice the simple table runner, which adds style and contrast without taking up the whole table.

Glamorous Dining  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas
Exciting Seating  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Exciting Seating

Formal dining room ideas don't have to use exclusively formal seating options. Here, we see a table for eight with three poufs to create variety and visual appeal in the space. Notice the texture of the hanging lights and how they mirror the poufs. And don't forget the large, elegant area rug setting the stage for this dining set.

Cool and Contrasting  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

Cool and Contrasting

This beautiful dining room has an astounding view with large windows and a modern white brick accent wall. We love the hanging lights, which steal the show while providing contrast against the surrounding walls. But don't forget the cool and calming blue rug or the modern table and chair set. Again, you see the thin rug to allow the back legs of the chairs to comfortably move off the surface without creating a falling sensation.

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Inviting Textures

Decorate with inviting textures to make your formal dining room feel more relaxing to guests. Here, we see soft, grey dining chairs with soft, grey curtains to offer privacy and a unified look. We love the exposed wood grain table, as well as the textured area rug. A large textured rug with a thick pile is an excellent idea if you have the space.

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Inviting Textures  - Formal Dining Room Decor Ideas

By now, we hope you have an idea of how to decorate an elegant and formal dining room. No matter which of these formal dining room ideas you choose, remember to work with the layout of your space above all else. These formal dining room ideas are adaptive and designed for inspiration, but there's always room to add a personal touch.


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