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Front Porch Rug Ideas 

Create an entryway that's inviting and functional with these front porch rug ideas. Your home's front door, porch, or patio makes a distinct first impression when guests come to your home. Choose a doormat or rug designed to be durable, but don't neglect style. Our picks below can guide you in choosing a design and size that works with your home's exterior while reflecting your personality.

Understated Entry Rug - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Understated Entry Rug

French doors trimmed in charcoal and oversized pots of flowering plants create an elegant entrance here. To compliment the gray trim, choose a charcoal front door mat in the same dark shade. A grooved rug is ideal in high traffic areas because it absorbs more water and dirt from muddy shoes. As a rule, the rug should be the same width as the door for a balanced look.

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Natural Transitions

You can soften the hardscaping on a patio with a woven rug in soft, blended shades. Choose a color from surrounding landscaping, as with this rug that reinforces the rich blues of the hydrangeas. The chunky weave of the rug adds dimension and is comfortable under bare feet.

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Natural Transitions - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Putting Your Best Paw Forward - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Putting Your Best Paw Forward

Let guests know there's a canine in residence with this whimsical rug featuring a contented pooch. When you have a brightly painted door, be sure to choose a rug with a vibrant, contrasting color. The red door shines against the black, white, and teal of the rug for a fun, casual look.

Oh Deer - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Surfing Style

When your vacation home is all about one thing, reinforce the theme. This seaside surfing bungalow is obviously all about catching waves. The thickly cushioned rug in a surfboard design adds to the beachy vibes of the white and turquoise color scheme.

Oh Deer

Practical front door rugs don't have to be bland. Choose a rug made of durable materials, but don't lock yourself into a standard design. A whimsical rug with strong graphics and bold pops of color is versatile enough to look lovely in front of any style of house.

Surfing Style - Front Porch Rug Ideas
Play it for Laughs - Front Porch Rug Ideas

The Cozy Corner

Create a cozy conversation area by defining it with a simple, bordered rug in a shade that compliments your house color. Place two rocking chairs at angles to encourage conversation and add a table for glasses of iced tea. By choosing a small scale rug, you create a cozy corner for two on a large deck.

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Play it for Laughs

You can switch out front porch rugs with the seasons and holidays, giving you lots of opportunities to add a bit of fun to your entryway or porch. Kids and adults alike will smile when they spot charming characters like these surfing dogs. The dramatic graphic effect of the waves keep the look contemporary.

The Cozy Corner - Front Porch Rug Ideas

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Summertime Colors - Front Porch Rug Ideas


A rustic front porch rug looks fabulous when accessorized with lots of color. Start from the ground up, as with this lovely blue rug. The rag-rug texture and soft color is homey and inviting. The color and texture can be reinforced with baskets in the same material. Soft blues avoid blandness when you add crisp colors like sunshine yellow, bright white, and coral.

Walk on the Wild Side - Front Porch Rug Ideas


Make a fashion statement by going bold with an animal print doormat. This oversized zebra print in coffee and cream is a natural foil to the cluster of tropical plants around the front door. Entryways are the ideal place to add an animal print when you love the look but don't want to commit a whole room to zebra stripes.

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Nautical Nature - Front Porch Rug Ideas

A Tropical Front

For a touch of tropical beauty, look for a front door rug with an oversized, abstract version of palm leaves in shades of blue and green. These cool colors blend well with potted plants and tone down a dark door. Opt for a tight, Berber weave that stands up to foot traffic, rain, and dirt so you can enjoy your rug for years.

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Nautical Nature

Establish the theme on your patio or porch with a distinctive rug. The repeating anchors on this blue and white rug feature appealing geometry that creates harmony. Reinforce the nautical concept with an oversized brass lantern and striped cushions.

A Tropical Front - Front Porch Rug Ideas
Sea Green Dreams - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Sunflower Power

Floral door mats aren't all fussy or old-fashioned. If you love flowers but want a modern esthetic, choose a rug featuring a single, oversized blossom like this cheerful sunflower against an orange background. The off-set design is casual and funky.

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Sea Green Dreams

Using a seafoam green rug with cream mermaids combines restful colors with a whimsical motif. When rug shopping for double doors or French doors, remember to consider the scale. This rug is long enough to provide a place to wipe your feet no matter which door you're using. Use a shallow but wide rug when your doors are large but the porch isn't big.

Sunflower Power - Front Porch Rug Ideas
Get Crabby - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Give a Cluck

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to your front porch! Animal print entryway rugs are all the rage. Invest in this lineup of strutting chickens for an entryway that has graphic punch and a light-hearted motif. Use the black, silhouette style when you like the animal theme but prefer a simple, contemporary look.

Get Crabby

Recreate a sandy beach underfoot by choosing a rug with a sand-colored, textured background with a few sea creatures on it. Blue crabs are a lively touch that adds color. The blue-green shades in this rug highlight the subtle blue tones in the slate pathway.

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Give a Cluck - Front Porch Rug Ideas
Siren Serenity & Wine - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Welcome Holiday Guests

No entryway is complete at the holidays without a charming door mat to welcome friends. If your family is traveling from afar, they'll appreciate a front door rug that highlights the fun of holiday travel. It's fine to contrast styles, particularly at the holidays. This home's elegant wreath and swags look wonderful with the vintage graphic of a wood-paneled car and pine trees on the rug.

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Siren Serenity & Wine

Make a statement as soon as they step onto your porch with this amusing statement rug. Love to sip wine and relax on the water? Buy this lively mermaid mat in blue and white that clearly states your values (you'll take on for the environment by skipping the water and moving on to wine). A glass of Cabernet adds a pop of color.

Welcome Holiday Guests - Front Porch Rug Ideas
A Blue Christmas - Front Porch Rug Ideas

A Classic Christmas

To keep it simple and classic, opt for a bright red front door rug that clearly states your sentiments in graceful script. The red background matches the door and brightens the gray-painted porch boards. The scripted "Merry Christmas" is also in gray to tie everything together in classic style.

A Blue Christmas

Use a rug in the same color as your front doors to visually extend the entry area and invite guests to step across the threshold. Once again, a bold graphic is perfect for a festive atmosphere. The shape of the Christmas tree points toward the front door and the snowflakes echo the home's white trim for an exquisitely matched look.

A Classic Christmas - Front Porch Rug Ideas

Cohesive Colors

Instead of using the door colors as an accent in your porch's rug, you can use the same color in a different way. This mid century modern home features bright red red double doors along with a more subdued, burgundy doormat. The contrast of different shades and patterns creates a distinct yet cohesive design for this home's outside porch and entryway.

Complementary Colors

Painting an exterior door is a simple, inexpensive way to define the style of your home's exterior. When you choose to paint your door in a bold or bright color, look for doormats and outdoor area rugs that complement the colors of the door. One option is to follow this home's approach and subtly use the blue of the door as a small accent color in the rug. There are many ways to connect your home's architecture and colors to your rug, and when you do that, you can create a masterfully designed outdoor space.

Fantastic Fluff

Shag outdoor rugs and rugs with higher piles are ideal for creating more cozy outdoor spaces. Some rugs like this one use varying pile heights and textures to add natural dimension and highlight unique patterns. This style of decorating your deck or patio is a great way to add texture and definition to your outdoor space.

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Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse homes tend to use black and white as the main colors. In these cases, you can choose a subtle doormat that plays into that color scheme or choose a bolder rug. This simple home features a slate gray doormat that serves to balance the extreme blacks and pure whites of the home's exterior. You can similarly use a gray rug to bridge the gap between the two colors and serve as a distinct welcome to your home.

Beautiful Balance

The size of your front porch rug is as important as the rug's pattern, design, and color scheme. In general, doormats tend to be the size of the front door or a bit wider. This farmhouse home shows how to balance a small doormat with a single door and two side panels. If your front door is a sliding glass door or a larger set of double doors, consider what size and shape rug will best suit your porch's size, layout, and overall tone.

Decorating isn't just about the interior of your home. A beautifully designed entryway or front porch conversation area is welcoming and can extend the livable area of your home. Whether you go classic or unexpected, the right front door rug ideas can elevate your home's exterior style.


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