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Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Decorating and designing a girl's bedroom may seem like a daunting task at first, because of the infinite possibilities. Whether you want your room to be a fun nursery or a stylish teen bedroom, there are some key design tips and tricks that you can implement to create a girl's bedroom that suits you or your loved one. Check out these uniquely decorated bedrooms for inspiration on how to design your perfect room.

Urban Feminine - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

You're Making Me Blush

Pink is a very feminine color, but it doesn't always age up well. Choosing blush tones instead of bright pinks is a great way to still incorporate a gorgeous color, but to do it in a way that is both fun and mature. To make sure the room doesn't feel one-noted, use several different shades and tones of blush, as well as using it in different fabrics to add texture. If you have texture in some of the fabrics, consider adding it to the room's lighting as well, whether it be in a chandelier or fun lamp shade.

Placement and Pattern - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Placement and Pattern

Oftentimes in bedrooms, you'll see rugs placed centered underneath the bed. That's a wise strategy, but it's not the only way you can set your rug. Placing the rug completely next to the bed like this serves as a nice walkway from the door to the bed. Plus, it prevents pattern overload by not competing with the striped bed sheets or the upholstered bed. Pattern mixing can be tricky, but one principle that may help you is to find similarities in the patterns you use. For example, the rug and bedsheets all use lines, and so do the pillows on the bed. You can mix and match with common patterns and common color palettes to create effective pattern mixing.

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Blank Canvas - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Blank Canvas

Painting the walls white is becoming more and more popular for good reason. White serves as a the perfect canvas for adding in whatever colors you like. In this nursery, you see how the dominant color scheme is pastels and pinks. The white walls serve to bring out those colors even further. The rug in particular is key in defining the space though, since it's one of the darkest colors and is placed in the center of the room. Whether you choose white walls or not, choose a rug that has the wall color in it so that your eye is drawn up and down in the room. As an added bonus, placing a rug in a girl's nursery is a great way to encourage her to courageously explore and enjoy her room.

Cool Collage - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cool Collage

If you want to create a personal, unique decoration in the bedroom, go for a collage wall. This is another area that people often find tricky, but here are a few tips to make it easier. Firstly, choose artwork that has similar colors and styles. The artwork here is very distinct with mostly black and white as the primary colors--the exception being the flowers and modern shapes to the left. However, they aren't out of place because they obey the next guideline: include wall art that has similar framing. The flowers here have the same frame as the central artwork, and so the two are tied together. Going with similar framing or frame colors is another great way to create a cohesive collage.

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Define The Room

If you're a devout lover of different design styles, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into any room...even a girl's bedroom. Go mid-century modern by adding in a chair with unique lines and wood framing, and then carry that wood tone over to the bed's headboard. You can even add in more modern flair with the bedding and rugs that you choose; this bed set for example has the geometric shapes that mid century and modern design love, but it's shown in a very contemporary way with the cold lines and light colors. The rug in this case is more of a traditional persian rug, but it jives well with the rest of the room because of its color scheme and use of repeating pattern. Feel free to mix styles, but make sure they have something in common with one another, even if it's as simple as the color schemes lining up.

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DTR (Define The Room) - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Subtle Cohesion - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Affordable Interior Designs

Subtle Cohesion

The bed really does define the room. Choosing a bed with a tufted headboard is one way to add in class, but to really tie the room together, carefully choose what quilt or comforter you're pairing with it. There are so many options that would look good with a stylish headboard like this one, but choosing a tufted comforter brings the two together and elevates both in the process. A neutral comforter would look great with the gray headboard, but when you have a neutral bed as shown here, it also gives you the perfect opportunity to add in some color. Plus, you can subtly bring the colors throughout the room, like with a potted plant on the nightstand or the wall art you put above the bed.

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Homemade Love - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Homemade Love

It's easy to fall into the trap that in order to make a stunning bedroom, you need to buy everything from a catalog. However, there's plenty of opportunity to include items that are sentimental and from the family. This bedroom includes a homemade quilt, knit blanket, and even a bed that looks like it could have been passed down throughout the family. Accent this homey look with wood accents and neutral colors, but be sure to add in elements of fun colors, such as the wood rainbow and a plethora of stuffed animals.

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Unsung Hero - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Affordable Interior Designs

Unsung Hero

There's still plenty of room for style even in a themed room. Aside from the obvious Frozen theme, include feminine touches with the other colors of the room. In this case, the colors compliment the bedding and add in a sense of youthfulness. The unsung hero of this room is the rug; the rug serves to connect the floor to the curtains, but with its frilling, it's also a perfect example of how to choose a simple rug that adds youthful joy to this fun room. Choose a uniquely shaped rug like this one to add girly flair to the bedroom.

Modern Tastes - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Winning Wallpaper

Wallpaper doesn't have the stigma that it had in the previous decades; it is quickly coming back into style. Instead of worrying about artwork to hang, find a wallpaper that you love and use it as an accent wall. It can set the tone for the entire room and create style that's bound to be more unique than the artwork everyone is buying from popular chain stores. If you choose a patterned wallpaper like this one, go with a basic bed like this iron one (as opposed to a fancy tufted bed) so that the wallpaper is the star of the show.

Modern Tastes

A girl's bedroom with modern design is a classy way to decorate for someone who's a little too old for the Disney bedroom. Dark walls may be daunting, but they can create the kind of drama you want in your teenager's life. When you go with dark walls, be sure to bring in warmth in other areas. This room incorporates warmth in the lighter bedding, but it also purposefully uses woods that have rich, warm tones to them. Adding a natural texture like a basket to the wall is another simple way to add in warmth and serve as a unique decorative piece all at the same time.

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Winning Wallpaper - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas
Floating Shelves - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Vantage Design Studio

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are popular in the kitchen, but they can fit into the bedroom too! Adding in vertical shelving is the perfect opportunity to make use of an otherwise unusable space and a chance to add in personality. The accents you put on the shelves can help cement the color scheme, the design style, and add in fun pattern. As an added bonus in this room, the lines of the shelves tie back to the shiplap on the accent wall. You can do the same, or just take advantage of the open shelving for all of its other benefits.

Masterclass Of Minimal Boho - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Masterclass Of Minimal Boho

Boho style can sometimes be cluttered because of how eclectic it is, but it doesn't have to be. One way to simplify boho style for a girl's bedroom is to narrow down your color palette. You still want to highlight those neutral, natural tones, but as opposed to having a broad color palette with a lot of teals, blues, rusts, greens, etc, choose one or two of those colors as the primary color. This room uses blue as its main color, and since it's the only color outside of the neutral palette (aside from the plants), it stands out and shines that much more clearly.


Working in all neutral tones may seem boring in theory, but the final result is anything but. If you love neutral whites, browns, and blacks, be sure to use them in new and interesting ways throughout the room. The running theme of patterns and textures throughout the space makes up for any lack of color by adding in stylish points of interest. One idea for girl's bedroom decor is to add in a tapestry like the one here; it contributes to the neutral color scheme but adds in warmth, texture, and even pattern to liven up that space and carry the theme around the bedroom.

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Neutrality - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho Vibes - Girls Bedroom Decor Ideas

Boho Vibes

There are so many ways to design a winning boho bedroom, so here are just a few tips to get you started. Firstly, go with natural, neutral colors and tones to set the mood. Then, add in several different patterns to create that eclectic boho style. Make the room feel as light and airy as possible with light walls and a big mirror to further reflect light throughout the space. Accessories like plants, hats, and eclectic artwork are the final key in adding in personality and bringing that boho theme home.

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Just like any other space in the house, the bedroom can reflect your personal taste and style. You can fully enjoy those little stages in life by designing thematic, colorful rooms, or you can go for designs that age gracefully and adapt through all of life's stages. Whichever route you choose, decorate and design for the special girl in your life by taking her personal interests, favorite colors, and personal style to create a room perfect for her.


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