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Grey Living room decor Ideas

Grey has become very popular over the last couple of years, especially in living room designs. Many people are looking towards grey walls and decor to make creating a soothing atmosphere easier. Plus, grey goes with everything, so your furniture will always fit your space. The appeal of grey living room ideas is that you can make a bold statement but still create an interior that is relaxing, neutral, and doesn't take away from your other furniture and decor. And we're here to help with some of our favorite grey living room ideas from expert designers. So keep reading to get ideas for how to design your living room!

Playing with Grey Living Room Ideas

Modern Living

This lovely living room features a patterned grey and white rug that adds texture and visual interest to the space. The theme continues with the couch, what we can see of the throw blanket, all the way to the artwork on the mantle. We love how the woodgrain from the console table and chair warm up the space and help it work with the light pine floor while adding a mid-century modern flair.

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Playing with Grey

Using grey in the living room is the perfect way to ensure your style never clashes with your floors or walls. This is an ideal solution if you move around a lot. Here, we see a living room seating arrangement all in grey, from the textural pouf to the modern sofa, pillows, and blanket. Even the coffee mug matches! Notice how the subtle addition of color with the end table and bold planter mixes things up, while the grey area rug ties it all together.

Modern Living Grey Living Room Decor Ideas
Moody Contrast Grey Living Room Decor

Moody Contrast

With a charcoal accent wall to create moody contrast in this living room, the grey accents seem a natural choice. We love the shimmering faux hide rug, which adds an attractive shape and texture to the space without demanding attention. The grey aesthetic continues with the accent chair and throw pillow arrangement on the couch. In addition, earthy shades of tan and beige go well with grey, adding visual warmth to make the area more inviting.

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Artistically Inclined

Can’t get enough artistic decor? Let it shine! Decorate your living room with artistry in mind, from the rug to your furniture, with everything in between. Every piece of decor serves an aesthetic purpose, from the end table and accent chair to the planter and paintings leaning against the wall. And the rug seems to fit right in with its simple yet engaging Moroccan design and complementing colorway.

Artistically Inclined Grey Living Room Decor Ideas
Relaxing Vibes Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Textural Delight

From the beautifully woven area rug to the exciting throw pillows and patterned pouf, this room is a textural haven. We love the decorative tassels and textured pattern on the grey area rug, both of which add depth and dimension to this living room. The grey theme continues with the couch and throw pillows, while the rest of the room plays with shades of white, black, tan, brown, and green. Try picking an earthy neutral color palette and have fun with finding grey living room decor that fit it.

Relaxing Vibes

Bright and relaxing spaces work well with grey, and this living room is no exception. Notice how this grey living room design uses different hues of grey in the accent pillows, blanket, and rug. Not only does this approach create an eye-catching aesthetic, but it also makes it easier to shop! Look for accents in shades of grey that you like and bring it all together with a cohesive color palette. And if you’re not sure where to start, try finding a grey rug and pulling various shades from its design.

Textural Delight Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

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Shades of Grey Living Room Ideas

Shades of Grey

Think a grey living room would be dull? Think again! Grey comes in a range of both cool and warm shades, so there’s something for every space. Here, most of the greys used have a warm, earthy undertone, which goes beautifully with the artwork behind the couch. The area rug, sofa, and throw pillows all play with different shades of grey to create depth and dimension without deviating from the palette.

Grey to Ground

This living room relies on an earthy color palette for almost everything above floor height. The brown couch, earthy artwork, wicker rocking chair, and tan pendant light all follow similar colorways. But the grey patterned rug on the floor anchors everything, adding a calm and grounding color that goes well with the existing palette. So if you have a living room that could benefit from a bit of grounding, a grey area rug in the center of the seating area should do the trick.

Grey to Ground Living Room Ideas
Warmly Relaxing Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Warmly Relaxing

Grey goes with everything, and it can help anchor a space with its relaxing neutral tone. Here, the couch grounds the living room while the surrounding decor adds warmth and color. Notice how the rug features many of the same colors that appear throughout the rest of this room. In addition, the pink accents give the space a softer vibe, seeming to radiate warmth as they reflect sunlight from the large and open window.

Gold Glam + Grey Living Room Ideas

Gently Grey

With bright white walls, wood flooring, and a charming little fireplace, this living room is the perfect setting for gentle grey accents. The area rug uses earthy neutrals mixed with grey, creating an ideal grounding backdrop for this seating area. And the grey accent chair adds a dose of solid neutral. Notice how the artwork on the wall adds a soft and warm aesthetic that makes the space feel more inviting.

Gold Glam

If you’re looking for grey living room wall ideas, we think you'll love this design. This room is brimming with beautiful neutral hues with a grey-stained wood behind the sofa and a deep grey accent wall behind that. The gold, green, and beige found in the rest of the decor add color and character to the palette without detracting from the elegant appeal created by the greys. If you’d like to glam up your grey palette, try picking velvety fabrics and adding metallic gold accents.

Gently Grey Living Room Decor Ideas
Small and Cozy Grey Living Room Decor Ideas

Soothing Space

This relaxing living room uses an earthy neutral color palette that comes to life with the intricate detailing on the area rug. Printed grey rugs like this one work well to modernize a space and add depth to the color palette. In this cozy grey living room, ivory, brown, grey, and green are the primary colors that set the soothing vibe. Try using a similar color palette to create a look that'll fit anywhere, no matter where you move.

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Small and Cozy

This small living room feels cozy without seeming cramped. The bright palette of white, cream, grey, brown, and green helps create this modern and spacious appeal. But the round rug in the center of the seating area is what drives it home. Round rugs work well for making small rooms appear larger. This effect is created by the rounded edges that create the illusion of additional floor space. If you’re working with limited square footage, try adding a round grey rug to your living room for a similar effect.

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Soothing Space Living Room Decor Ideas
Keep it Interesting Living Room Decor Ideas

Keep it Interesting

Grey helps enhance attractive designs and coordinating color palettes, giving them a modern and intentional aesthetic. Here the solid grey chair and planter work with colors found in the patterned rug. We love how the artwork on the wall features blocks of grey as well, bringing the room together. If you have artwork that you love, try using its palette to decorate the rest of your living room for a cohesive design.

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Natural Inspiration

The color palette for this living room uses natural inspiration with a touch of grey to modernize the look. Brown, ivory, green, and blue can be found throughout the space, enhanced by the grey accents. This is an excellent palette if you love natural aesthetics. The throw pillows throughout the room showcase the overall colorway without overwhelming the design. In this living room, we also see grey flooring and this vibrant area rug which is yet another excellent reason to add grey to the rest of your living room decor.

Natural Inspiration Living Room Ideas
Light and Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

Contemporary Artistry

The built-in floating sofa in this living room sets a contemporary tone that continues with the retro-inspired rug and matching pouf. Together, they create a space that's as much a work of art as a seating area. The side table continues the artistic aesthetic, as does the hanging light above the sofa. This minimalist approach gives the room a spacious appeal that it might not have with other furniture and design choices.

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Light and Modern

This bright living room relies on white to contrast the dark-toned wood floor. The area rug and accent table introduce shades of grey to modernize the room and give it a grounding sense of depth. Notice how the vase adds a hint of yellow, subtly bringing in a cheerful color that goes well with the otherwise neutral color palette. We love how the sheer white curtains diffuse the sun’s glow without darkening the room, all while providing privacy inside.

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Contemporary Artistry Living Room Decor Ideas
Matching Greys Living Room Decor Ideas

Matching Greys

This modern living room seems to build up from the tiled floor with its natural grey and brown tones. We love seeing the matching rug and poufs, adding interesting shapes, colors, patterns, and textures to the space. They create a soothing contrast with the sleek and modern seating at the wall. Notice how the throw pillow arrangement uses colors from the rug and poufs in addition to the ivory found on the cushions to pull it all together.

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Traditional Elegance Living Room Decor Ideas

Contemporary Colors

Contemporary living rooms with large and open windows work wonderfully with neutrals and earthy neutrals like grey, ivory, beige, and brown. And green foliage from house plants goes with almost anything. You don’t need this living room’s windows to capture this look, though. Instead, focus on the elements you enjoy, from the textured rug and pillows to tall plants or the fun shape of the coffee table and accents.

Traditional Elegance

Traditional styling is instantly modernized when paired with grey colorways. Here, the grey shaker accent wall sets the mood for the room’s color palette. And the abstract grey area rug provides a range of colors to pull inspiration from. You can see its palette reflected in the accent wall and grey throw blanket, tying the look together.

Contemporary Colors Living Room Decor Ideas

Architectural Features

The contemporary grey fireplace here is the most prominent grey color in the entire living room. Even so, grey also appears in other areas like the nearby chair and pillows. When you are decorating your living room with grey, look at architectural features like the fireplace and draw colors out of it to further the room's color palette.

Gamer's Retreat

Industrial styles often highlight metallic greys as the primary colors. Dark moody grey walls can be used with other dark accents like rugs, chairs, and artwork to create a room perfect for your resident gamer. The use of different textures and finishes with matte walls, glossy furniture, and shag rugs can help create a dynamic style even if the room's color palette is limited.

Adjacent Designs

Even in more traditional homes with separate rooms, you can often see the living room and dining room at the same time. With that in mind, you can subtly tie these rooms together with the living room decor and dining room decor. Similar plants, vases, and ceramics are three ideas that can be used as both living room and grey dining room decor.

Hot and Cold

Since grey often comes across as a cool color, it is vital to consider what other accents are used in the room to reinforce that tone or change the mood to be warmer. This modern living room prominently features cool greys and blacks, but the large statue and subtle gold accents on the chairs change the tone completely and add variety to the room's overarching design.

Grey and Blue

Grey and blue are two colors that often go well together. Blue can complement the cool tones of the grey while still adding in an attractive, versatile color. When pairing a grey sofa with blue, consider using various shades of blue to add visual interest and highlight the room's focused color scheme.

Contemporary Aesthetics

Contemporary living rooms often use abstract designs or geometric shapes in the forefront of their designs. These two styles can be combined in many ways, but one method is to use a grey living room rug with a geometric print and abstract wall art. Similar colors, tones, and lines can be used across all the decor to make a statement, or one piece can stand out with unique colors and lines to be a one of a kind accent.

Grand Living Rooms

In larger grey living rooms, you may have room to set apart a separate seating area in an alcove or corner for more intimate conversation. To tie this space to the main seating area, consider how rugs establish each area. The same rug can be used in multiple spaces or you can highlight the smaller space with a coordinating rug. In any case, it is important to set this space apart with some different elements like different seats and coordinating colors to highlight each area as its own space.

Glorifying Grey

In order to create a stunning living room where grey is the most prominent color, it is vital to use grey in various textures and materials. This grey living room obviously uses grey in the fabric, but the grey rug, grey wood floors, and grey curtains each present their own unique texture and grey hues. Then, the various metallic accents present grey/silver in new ways to add more interest.

Subtle Tones

Oftentimes, grey and beige are considered incompatible because of their different warm and cool tones. However, the two can pair well together, especially if the beige has grey tones or vice versa. These tones can be used in sofas, rugs, curtains, pillows, and other decorative accents to create your ideal living room.

Open Concept Layouts

In large living rooms or open concept spaces, the size and placement of the rug is instrumental in establishing the living room as its own space. The rug often layers with the seats by at least going under the front legs, but in large spaces, the rug can extend to the backs of the seats or even behind them to create a larger space. Each room is unique with size and furniture, so there are many ways to balance rugs in open concept spaces, but this is one effective layout.

Grey on Grey

Pairing grey furniture with a grey rug or grey carpet doesn't necessarily make a room drab or boring. In fact, choosing such a focused color palette for these large pieces gives you greater freedom in the accent colors and designs. This simple grey living room adds in pops of color and pattern through the pillows, coffee table decor, nearby flowers, and wall art. Through this example, you can find inspiration in using bright, bold colors in primarily grey living rooms.

Simple Symmetry

Symmetry is often used in traditional or classic styles to create a neat, tidy design. This practice can be used in any living room to create a more classic aesthetic and maintain a clean space. Small living rooms in particular benefit from intentional, simple designs like this to keep the room feeling spacious.

Distinguished Design

Open concept homes often have living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens sharing the same space. In order to distinguish one space from another, you can use alternating color palettes. This contemporary living room has beige furniture with a grey rug, but the dining room inverts that and displays grey seats. This is one simple yet effective way to separate the two spaces and still have a consistent design scheme for the entire room.

We hope you've found some tips and tricks to inspire a living room makeover. Our list has something for everyone with so many grey living room ideas to choose from. For more styling ideas for your home, check out our full selection of grey area rugs and sign up for our newsletter for more home decor inspiration.


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