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Home Office Decor Ideas 

Home office ideas are trending with the increase of people working from home around the world. It's tough to transition to working from home if you don't know how to create a space that encourages productivity. But with the right home office desk ideas, you'll be able to decorate a space that makes working from home a pleasure. Keep reading to see some of our favorite home office ideas and get inspired to design the workspace of your dreams.

Modern Farmhouse - Home Office Decor Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Office

Nothing says modern farmhouse like whitewashed palette furniture. In this versatile home office space, a lot is going on, from the low area rug that's thin enough for the casters of the chair to roll over to the low-hanging decorative lighting accents and the white walls. Try picking bright, semi-opaque curtains if you have a lot of windows in your office to let you block out the midday sun when needed. And if you can fit your home office in a room with a fireplace, you're sure to enjoy working the colder months much more.

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Just The Basics - Home Office Decor Ideas

Just The Basics

Sometimes home office desk ideas don't need fancy desk chairs, big computer screens, and desks with endless draws. Instead, the basics shown here – a table lamp, writing desk, and folding chair – can be plenty to get your work done. And when you add a textured area rug in a soothing color, the decor comes together, especially if you're lucky enough to have a view like the one this office overlooks.

Bold Choices

Adding an artistic area rug can elevate an otherwise boring space to a home office you'll love spending time in. This home office keeps the desk tucked away in a convenient corner in the back with a soothing sitting area up front. Notice the use of earthy neutrals with calm blues to create a space that encourages relaxation and productivity.

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Artistic and Calm - Home Office Decor Ideas
Contemporary Styling - Home Office Decor Ideas

Find a View

If you can find a wall with a view to set your desk up against, you can make a comfy office almost anywhere. This space features a simple writing desk with built-in storage and a comfortable office chair to relax in. Add a table lamp and a nice view, and you're all set for creativity and productivity all day. And if you can add houseplants, you'll create an office with more life and excitement.

Contemporary Styling

Built-in shelves make an ideal home office space because they offer storage while making it easy to decorate. Add an industrial-style desk with a comfortable, no-nonsense chair, and you're ready to work! Here, we see a basic computer setup facing away from the shelving, which can help keep your focus on your work and prevent distractions. The low-pile rug adds warmth and character to the space while protecting the floor from the desk and chair.

Find a View - Home Office Decor Ideas

Office Lounge - Home Office Design Ideas

Office Lounge

A lounge-style office is just what some of us need – who wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair during long calls? This space makes excellent use of an artistic area rug, charcoal accent wall, and large wall hanging. We also love the gallery wall above the low, open shelving, creating a whimsical appeal. And the hanging plants against the accent wall in the back mirror the artistic style of the wall hanging for added appeal.

On The Side - Home Office Design Ideas

On The Side

Any open wall where you can fit a desk is the perfect candidate for a home office. Here, we see a simple writing desk with built-in storage and hairpin legs against a wall in what looks to be the living room. The area rug includes the office for a cohesive room design, and the seating throughout creates versatility. Try keeping a pouf and a light, easy-to-move side table in your home office to give you options when you want to move around.

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Moody and Creative

If you love dark, moody colors, try painting one or more walls in your home office with a deep blue or green. Here, we see the built-in desk painted to match the moody walls for a creative and modern appeal. Try adding a textured rug to your office and pick something light-toned if you go with darker walls. When you use dark wall colors, lighter floor colors can help to balance the look.

Moody and Creative - Home Office Design Ideas

Eclectic Office - Home Office Decor Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Eclectic Office

Shared spaces sometimes necessitate eclectic designs. Here, we see a home office tucked in the back of a living room for a fun and funky look. The trick is to make the office a space that you can retreat to while ensuring the room's decor flows together. Here, we see smart use of the books on the shelves, which keep with the color palette in the room to ensure everything in the space goes together. And the sitting area would make an excellent place to retreat to while you're on hold or listening to a long conference call.

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Vintage Appeal - Home Office Decor Ideas

Plant Life

Office plants tend to create a cheerful, calm atmosphere, and they're excellent for home offices. Here, we see a space that's perfect for meeting with clients, complete with an eye-catching accent chair and beautiful hanging light. But the plants steal the show, drawing attention to the decorative cabinets in the back. And we love the Harry Potter-inspired decor in the back – try adding similar personal touches based on your own interests to make your office look more attractive.

Vintage Appeal

This large desk has plenty of built-in storage to accommodate papers, files, and tech when you're not using it. And the artwork hung in front of the desk is a great option when you don't have a room with a view. Notice the thin area rug used to protect the room's carpet while adding color and character to the home office. This is a great approach when transforming a guest bedroom or living area into a home office.

Plant Life - Home Office Design Ideas

Distraction-Free - Home Office Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design


Sometimes a window overlooking nature and a beautiful area rug can serve as all the decor you need in a home office. Here, we see an eye-catching care rug and a simple desk overlooking lush greenery outside the window. Otherwise, any distracting items are tucked away in the built-in cabinets to maintain an air of productivity. If you struggle with distractions, creating a similar space can help overcome the reduced motivation of working from home.

Glam Office - Home Office Design Ideas

Glam Office

A glam desk atop a rose-colored area rug can leave you excited to sit down in your home office. We love the acrylic chair legs and the metallic, curved desk legs, creating a decidedly modern appeal. The houseplant in the back adds life, while the modern abstract art on the wall keeps things classy. If you like house plants, try adding an orchid to a glam desk for the charming chic appeal we see here.

Chic Comfort - Home Office Decor Ideas

Artsy Appeal

This artsy home office uses a large wall hanging, a sculptural desk lamp, and other fun accents atop the desk to create a fun look. The tall house plant, vintage area rug, and basket of pillows add to the appeal. Make a spot that you won't want to leave at the end of the way. And the thin, dark-toned area rug protects the floor while giving the office character and a warm spot to curl your toes into when you kick off your shoes.

Chic Comfort

Blue and white are common office colors because blue encourages productivity while improving a sense of calm. Here, we see a comfy chic office with a simple A-frame desk featuring a glass topper and a laptop set up for productivity. The stylish chair adds character, while the large pouf creates an alternate seating option. The pouf could also serve as a footrest, creating versatility in this space while gently contrasting with the beautiful vintage-style rug.

Artsy Appeal - Home Office Decor Ideas

Breezy Windows - Home Office Design Ideas

Breezy Windows

Sometimes you don't want to turn your desk toward the window, and sometimes you do. Try positioning your desk and rug so you can swap which side you're sitting on. And when the sun is too bright during the middle of the day, a set of semi-sheer white curtains can help create a breezy look while preventing too much glare. Finally, consider picking a rug with a subtle sheen or lighter-toned colorway to work well with large, bright windows.

We hope these home office ideas have helped you decide how to design your at-home productivity station. Remember, you don't have to use all the tips, just pick and choose to find the ones that work for you. For example, you might select a desk and area rug placement from one image but add lighting and storage from another. What matters is that you make your space your own while still having enough room to work and relax.


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