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Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas 

Your master bathroom should be a space of relaxation, rejuvenation, and refreshment. It can be tough to know how to stylize a bathroom, whether you're working with one that is already redone, one that's a bit more dated, or you're starting from scratch to create your ideal bathroom. Whenever you work with a bathroom, it's important to decide how you'll incorporate rugs, and what sizes work best. There's no single way to place bathroom rugs or one correct style to use, so keep reading to see just a few master bathroom rug ideas.

Optimal Placement - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas

Optimal Placement

Bath Mats and rugs don't just need to be by the shower; placing one right in front of your sink or vanity is a beautiful way to set that space apart from the rest of the bathroom. Not only does it add an air of luxury to the space, but from a practical standpoint, it's also far more comfortable to stand on a rug versus standing on a tiled floor. Plus, rugs can further accent the style of the vanity by complimenting its color and style, like how this distressed rug compliments the natural woods and marble.

Old Traditions - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas

Embrace the Scheme

If your bathroom fits into a sleek black and white color palette, it's only natural to carry that over to the rug as well. You can choose a rug with any pattern or design, but if your bathroom has clean straight lines with the wall tiles, you can choose a rug like the one shown here to carry that detail from the wall to the floor. The stripes of the rug also serve as a nice geometric distinction from the hexagon tiles on the floor, but even so, the space works together with its use of general shapes and lines. Finding small unifying factors like this is an ideal way to tie your bathroom together.

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Old Traditions

When your bathroom has new, sleek cabinets, counters, shower, and tiling, it's important to add in some element that strikes a different tone. For example, a lot of homes will use worn accents and accessories in a modern space to make it feel more welcoming and lived in. To achieve that look in your bathroom, go for a distressed rug. It serves the important function of being soft under your feet and adds age to the space to make it feel authentic and lived in.

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Embrace the Scheme - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas
Connecting Colors - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas

Lead the Way

Runners are great for showing a path through a room. Although the path of a bathroom like this may be obvious, having a runner still serves as a nice walkway from the doorway into the rest of the bathroom. It may be tempting to center your rug in the middle of the aisle, but as you can see in this room, the rug is most effective when place closer to the vanity. After all, if you place the rug too far from the sinks, then you're faced with the awkward position of standing halfway on and halfway off the rug when washing your hands. So, be sure to place the rug where it's most functional and trust that it can serve its visual purpose even when it's not purely centered in the pathway.

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Connecting Colors

From a stylistic standpoint, rugs can be great for complimenting your color palette. This rug is a simple dusted rose color, but it ties perfectly to the shower curtain's roses. Then, the black of the shower curtain connects back to the cabinets, faucet, and artwork on the other wall. When deciding how and where to incorporate colors in your bathroom, try to space them out in various areas of the room so that the eye naturally connects the dots and sees the unified vision.

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Lead the Way - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas
Dare to Be Different - Master Bathroom Rug Design Ideas

One and Done

Minimalism as a design principle is popular because it allows the few pieces you have to truly stand out. Only placing a small mat next to the bathtub and nowhere else in the room is actually a smart choice stylistically because it stands out as the only soft accent in the room (minus towels, of course). Plus, it adds an air of sophistication by highlighting the tub as the place to relax and be refreshed. A simple 2x3 rug would work by the tub, or a 3x5 depending on your space.

Dare to Be Different

If you enjoy retro style, one easy way to incorporate that style into your master bathroom is through your floor tile. However, it doesn't stop there. Without a rug placed on top of the bold checkered tile, this space could feel overwhelmingly detailed. Placing a rug on top of a bold pattern like this one gives the eye a break from the pattern and adds to the retro style with its pop of color. Sizing varies depending on your bathroom, but in this exact situation, a 2x6 runner would work well.

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One and Done - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas
Design by Patricia Davis Brown

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His and Hers - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design.

Running Set

If you have an extra long bathroom, using two runners instead of one can elevate your room in so many ways. Here, you can see the far rug serves as a pathway, while the rug by the sinks serve for comfort and connecting the space. With a clear visual line like this one, you want to choose matching runners, so that they're clearly connected to one another and aren't competing for attention. Also choose runners that are the same size as one another, or else the balance of the space will be thrown off.

His and Hers

Large, sprawling vanities are a must-have for so many master bathrooms, since it gives so much extra counter space and storage. It's natural to place a rug in front of a vanity, but to do something different, choose two individual mats in front of the sinks. This helps establish two distinct spaces and shows off more of the bathroom's floor, which is often stunning in its own right and deserves to have a moment in the sun. Rugs in front of sinks are typically 2x3 or 3x5 depending on how large your bathroom is.

Running Set - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas
Design by Pamela Hope Designs
All In - Master Bathroom Rug Decor Ideas
Design by Pamela Hope Designs

Set the Scheme

Bold colors can really liven up your primary bathroom. One way to carry those colors throughout the room is to include them in the rug, bath towels, and hand towels. This coral red and white rug goes well with the blue vanity and serves as a source of vibrance in an otherwise muted bathroom. If you have neutral or light colors but want a pop of flair, choose a rug that is brighter and compliments the colors of the room. It will definitely add in your personality and joy.

All In

This stunning bathroom includes many natural texture and metals. From the copper tub and sinks to the rocky walls, this bathroom fully fits into a natural vibe. The best way to tie it all together is to add in a rug that fits into that theme. The rug here incorporates a lot of the tans and reds in the stonework and copper and serves to tie all the elements of the room together. Whatever the theme of your bathroom, don't be afraid to get a rug that fully fits that theme and accentuates other details of the room.

Floating Furnishings - Small Bathroom Design Ideas
Design by Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design.

Redoing a bathroom can be a daunting task, but at the end of the day, spicing it up with fresh design is well worth the labor. Whether you're in the market for a brand new bathroom or looking to elevate the one you already have, choosing the right rug(s) is a key factor to establishing a space that's both practical and beautiful. Remember how to use antiqued rugs to make a space feel homey, and remember that there's more than one correct way to place a rug in your bathroom. Each space is unique, and now it's time to make your unique space yours.


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