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Master Bedroom Rug Ideas 

Master bedrooms should be a space that is not only comfortable, but also a reflection of your personality. There's a lot that goes into designing a bedroom, so it can be tricky to know where to begin. One of the best ways to start conceptualizing your room is to begin with a rug. Decide early on how you want to place it in the room, what colors you want, patterns you enjoy, and so much more. Keep reading for our insights on how to use rugs masterfully in your bedroom.

Two Legs to Rest On

Two Legs to Rest On

There are several ways to place a rug in the master bedroom, but one way is to only have the rug under the back two legs. Not only does this extend the rug further into the room, but it also adds dimension to what you have placed by the front legs of the bed. In this case, you're bound to notice the nightstands a bit more, since they are separated from the rug. Be sure though that the rug isn't too far from the front legs; placing it between a quarter to a third of the way from the headboard is a safe bet.

Fill The Space

Hardwood floors are very on trend right now, so it may seem odd to consider covering them up entirely. Still, one neat way to style your primary bedroom is to do just that. Investing in a rug that takes up nearly all the floor is a neat way to add in personal style, comfort beneath your feet, and a bold statement to the room. The fact that you can see wood floors on the outskirts of the room is actually a nice touch, because it will add dimension to the room and show that beauty lies beneath the surface.

Fill The Space - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas
Vibrance and Fun - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas
Design By Pamela Hope Designs

Vibrance and Fun

If you're the life of the party and super fun, your master bedroom should reflect that. Bring in your personality with all areas of the room, like speckled curtains, bright pillows and blankets, and of course, your rug. You can have multiple patterns in your bedroom, and using your rug to incorporate one of those patterns is a natural way to add in your personality and flair. Spread those colors throughout the room with whimsy and enjoy a space that reflects you.

Set The Tone - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas

Rugs + Carpet = Classy

Believe it or not, you can layer rugs on top of carpet and have it not look tacky. The first step is to make sure that the carpet isn't overly shaggy and dirty. Your primary focus shouldn't be to cover up old carpet; it should be to bring out the nice features of both the rug and the carpet beneath it. So, don't buy a gigantic rug that fills the entire room; layer it strategically like this room so that you can still see the carpet. Also, make sure that the colors of the rug and carpet compliment each other. If your carpet is neutral, beige toned, make sure some of that carries into the rug as well as into the rest of the master bedroom.

Set The Tone

Choosing a textured, patterned rug like this one is an excellent way to add definition to a room and help establish the design tone. When you choose a rug, consider what other accents you want to have in the room to further cement your style. In this case, the naturally textured rug pairs nicely with the natural weave of the bedding and the basket. It's subtle, but starting with texture and colors of the rug can help you define the entire style of the room and guide you towards adding in complimentary accents.

Rugs + Carpet = Classy - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas

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Center The Space - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas

New Color

Defining the color scheme of a room can be difficult, but finding the right rug can help you do just that. It can also be that one pop of color that you don't see anywhere else in the room. This rug is primarily red, and as you can see there's no other red in the room. This rug still works though because its blue tones connect back to the nightstand and pillow, and the leather headboard carries some of the warmth that the red has. So if you choose to have a color only present in the rug and nowhere else in the room, make sure other elements of the room connect in tone and warmth to the rug so that it feels intentional.

Center The Space

The phrase "less is more" applies to rugs as well. While you could fill more of the space with the rug, consider how you have the room laid out. Centering the rug beneath the bed and not having it overextend into the rest of the room helps establish the bed as one area of the room and the wardrobes, seating areas, etc as their own special vignettes. To make sure the rug doesn't feel sparse or skimpy, have it extend out to the sides to the ends of the nightstands. Then, give an extra bit at the end of the bed to make room for seating and to just make the bed space feel larger. The size of rug depends on the size of your bed and room, so be sure to check out our guide on rug sizes.

New Color - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas

Bridge The Gap - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas

Bridge the Gap

If your bed is to the side in your primary bedroom, try placing your rug centered along the main wall. This room has the rug centered on the fireplace. Obviously this draws your eye to the gorgeous fireplace, but it also serves as a bridge to the other areas of the room. It connects the bed to the fireplace area, and just out of range, it connects the rug to a sitting area. Having the rug in contact with various areas of the room does a nice job connecting everything together and unifying the room.

Perfect Persian - Master Bedroom Rug Ideas

Layers of Design

You've already seen how to lay a rug underneath just the two back legs of the bed, but what about other items in the room? How do you layer those with a rug? As you can see here, the nightstand and plant are not on the rug at all; this works, since they're in the top third of the bed that doesn't have the rug underneath it. However, the chair to the side is stylized so that three legs are on the rug. From a practical standpoint, going with three instead of two forces you to put the chair at an angle, and when you angle the chair, it stops the room from feeling too stuffy and square.

Perfect Persian

Persian rugs are as popular as they are versatile. You can use one in your master bedroom whether your style preference leans traditional, modern, elegant, or somewhere else on the spectrum. When you do choose your persian rug, be sure that the color scheme fits in with the mood you want to set in the room, and try to connect some of its colors with other aspects of the room, such as the bedding, artwork, or other furniture.

Layers of Design - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas
Running to Style - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Bedroom Blues

We've already seen neutral rugs connect to neutral bedding, but you can also be bold in your bedroom colors and add in vibrance in the fabrics and rug. If you love colors, don't be afraid to incorporate it into those areas. Just be sure you don't try to match the colors perfectly; realistically, it's just about impossible to do, and the room looks better with varying shades anyway. Choose a mid-toned rug like this one that isn't too bright or too dark, and that gives you options on how you want the blue to be incorporated in the sheets, artwork, and accessories.

Running to Style

If you don't want a large rug in your primary bedroom, think about adding a runner or two instead. Placing them right beside the bed not only adds style the floor, but it also serves as a nice pathway to the bed. From a practical standpoint, it also is nice to roll out of bed in the morning and put your feet onto a warm, plush surface. Place it right beside the bed and against the back wall to create one steady path. Having your nightstand on top of the runner is natural since the runner is against the wall, and adding that element of height on top of the rug acts as a nice connection to the taller bed.

Bedroom Blues - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas
Cool Coziness - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Blue and Gray

Blue and gray often go hand in hand, and this rug showcases that perfectly. The center of the rug is light blue, and as you go outward, the blue mixes with the gray tones beautifully. When you go with a blue and gray rug like this one, carry that scheme throughout the room in the fabrics and artwork. Be sure that other grays and blues have the same warmth and tones to them so that they all weave together to create one cohesive master bedroom.

Cool Coziness

Gray rugs that are slightly distressed work well in a variety of design styles, but they work particularly well if you bring warmth into other areas of the room. If your other furniture (nightstands, wardrobes, etc) have warmer wood tones, choose a cool gray rug so that the two bounce off one another and add contrast to the space. If you feel the room is too cool, add in other elements of warmth, such as live plants and warm metal light fixtures like the chandelier shown here.

Blue and Gray - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas
Masterful Minimalism - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Masterful Minimalism

Minimalism is a popular style, and while it's easy to fall into minimalism for every aspect of the room, the rug is an opportunity to add in character and charm. This bedroom is filled with neutral tones and solid colors, and while the rug sticks with the neutral tones, it takes this room to the next level by adding in an eye catching pattern. Whether you choose this particular rug or not, use the rug as a chance to add your personality to the room and serve as a focal point against simplistic furniture and solid colors.

Classy Resort

A bedroom should be an oasis--somewhere to go at the end of the day where you feel like you can leave life's stresses and worries behind. Establishing a theme to your room can make it feel like a true escape. In this case, a classy jungle vibe is established by every part of the room, starting with the rug. The rug's palm leaves and colors connect to every aspect of the room. From the woven bed frame to the mountainous wall art, all the way to the plants, this rug serves as a guide for the color scheme and overall theme of the room.

Masterful Minimalism - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas
Geometric Joys - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Elegance by Rug

Instead of going with a persian rug or a geometric rug, going with a floral rug will do wonders for establishing a classy master bedroom. Choosing a darker rug with lighter colors thrown throughout it is a wonderful way to connect to other light colors throughout the room and prevent the bedroom from feeling dark. Plus, flowers in particular do well to serve the elegant theme, but they also bring in a sense of familiarity and comfort; just like seeing flowers blooming after a long, cold winter.

Geometric Joys

Choosing a rug with simple geometric patterns and neutral tones will serve your bedroom well if you have other textures and tones that you want to stand out more. In this photo, your eye is immediately drawn to the warm wood of the bed frame and the wardrobe, and then as it travels around the room, you notice the finer details, like the furry bench and the simple sofa. The rug serves as a simple base to these finer accents, but in that same breath, it also connects back to the geometric quilt. If you want the rug to blend seamlessly into the design of the bedroom, go simple, but still find some commonality to connect it to the other areas of the room, even if it just be the color or similar shapes/patterns.

Elegance - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas
End of The Bed - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Bold Style

Aztec patterns are popular and versatile, and using one as the base of your bedroom is an awesome way to add in your personal flair. This rug adds in many different shades of browns and blacks that it gives you so many options for adding in those shades throughout the room. You can use the shades of this rug to help govern what colors you'll use in the rest of the room and help guide you towards artwork that you love. Placing modern art in the room with stark colors and simple shapes is a good way to connect to your aztec rug; the colors are in the same family, and straying away from the pattern of the rug to freeform modern artwork is a neat way to ensure that the rug and wall art don't have to vie for your attention.

End of The Bed

Placing a rug at the end of the bed is another stylish option for any bedroom. Notice here that the bench at the end is still atop of the rug, and how this connects the rug to the bed even though the two themselves aren't layered. When you put a rug at the end of the bed, find some piece of furniture to bridge the gap between the bed and rug, and be sure that the rug isn't huge and oversized compared to the bed. The goal of placing it at the bed is to extend the space, not suffocate the room and consume all the floor.

Bold Style - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Sizing Up The Space - Primary Bedroom Rug Ideas

Sizing Up the Space

One of the most daunting aspects of rug shopping can be making sure that you get the right size rug. The styling underneath this bed is fairly standard, and for a queen sized bed like this one, you would want to get a rug that is 8x10. This is big enough to fit underneath the bed and to extend outward to the edges of the nightstands. If you want to mimic this look with a king bed, choose a rug that is 9x12 instead.

When it comes to your master bedroom, you want it to be a comfortable retreat and a place to rejuvenate. Whether you're just starting to design your room or you're looking for a rug to add in that final missing piece, there are so many ways to go about it. Remember our stylizing advice for sizing, layout, colors, and patterns so that you can confidently go and create the master bedroom you've been dreaming of, and start dreaming up some more ideas in your perfect bedroom.


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