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Mid-century modern Rug Ideas

Mid-century modern style has made a huge comeback in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. You might be asking, “What is mid-century modern style?”. Mid-century modern is reminiscent of the modern style that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s. It's characterized by open natural designs, neutral and warm colors, and graphic patterns--all of which make for a very comfortable and organic space. 

Mid-Century Modern Living Room

This living room is all about the mid-century modern style with an orange statement couch, round retro shag rug and mid-century fashioned furniture and chandelier. The round rug sets the stage perfectly for gatherings and lively conversation.

A common color palette for the style may include: orange, brown, gray, chartreuse, teal, pink and white. You'll often find mid-century rug ideas consisting of retro patterns in bright colors, but can also cover organic neutrals in simple weaves. Ready for more inspiration? Scroll on for some of our favorite mid-century modern rug ideas.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room
Bells + Whistles
Mid-Century Modern Entryway
Woodhull of Main

Mid-century style can be neutral and organic. There are many statement pieces in this room from the rock wall fireplace, beautiful macrame wall hanging and textural interest in the layered rugs. Keeping the furnishings and rugs neutral can draw the eye to other focal points around the room while still providing a comforting and welcoming space.

A durable and stylish rug is a must for the entryway. This modern orange rug with oval shapes adds color and texture that complement the other mid-century modern style details in the entryway.

Neutral Mid-Century Modern Living Room
Phoebe Chuason

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