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Red Living Room Decor Ideas 

Deciding on the main color of your living room can be a daunting task, but once you land on that color, the task just grows larger. It can be tough to decide how to incorporate that color, what shades to use, what textures to add, and how often you should use that color. When it comes to red living room decor, it can be especially tricky, since red is such a bold color choice. Still, with bold choices comes bold results, so dare to create your own red living room by following our tips and gathering our ideas.

Stark Choices - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Stark Choices

Red can be such a stark color that it plays well off of black and white color schemes. This vibrant red rug is allowed to be the focal point of the room because the other accents and fabrics are either black, white, or neutral. On the sofa in particular, you can see how the black tassled pillows stand out, and then the red serves as a nice pop of color against the white. Using black, white, and a vibrant red in tandem is a perfect way for you to create a traditional or elegant style in your red living room.

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Red on Red

Red can often steal the spotlight in any room, so why not make the red abundantly focused on in your living room? By using a red rug and a red piece of furniture like the chair, you're very firmly establishing your color scheme and allowing the red to be that element of drama in the room. When you go bold, don't be afraid to go subtle in other areas of the room, such as the artwork and other accents. You can add in red in those areas or expand your color scheme with complimentary colors like this room does.

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Red on Red - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Red Traditions - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Red Traditions

Traditional interior design color schemes tend to take one color as its primary color and then use a variety of shades and tones of that color throughout the room. You can do that very thing in your living room by choosing red as your main color and then add in various different shades of red throughout the space. Aside from mixing up your reds, you can also mix patterns to add to that traditional style.

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Traditional Country Farmhouse - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Red and Gold

Gold is often associated with luxury, and if you use it sparingly with red, you can create a classy living room. The gold pillows on the sofa add to that glamorous mood, and so do the smaller accents on the side table. However, the deep reds of the pillows and rug also add an air of sophistication. Plus, the rug itself incorporates gold in its pattern, so the red and gold is tied together throughout the entire space so the whole living room is elegant. In your living room, combine your reds and golds with different finishes to add in those glamorous colors and various textures at the same time.

Traditional Country Farmhouse

Traditional and country interior design styles both love to incorporate bright red tones, so using red in your traditional country living room is perfectly natural. If you want to add in some farmhouse style, then go for an overall neutral color scheme with the walls and furniture, but include distressed/worn tones with aged furniture and muted rugs. Red can serve as the agent that ties these three styles together and define your room's design.

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Red and Gold - Red Living Room Decor Ideas
Placement and Size - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Placement and Size (Part 2)

You can certainly use larger, complex rugs in a room, but when placing them, think about having the furniture at least partly on top of the rug. This helps connect the different elements together Notice too how this rug has red in the center of the rug, but the exterior frame is wider and more neutral. Having a rug with a frame like this one allows you to still incorporate bold colors and patterns, but it limits the space of that boldest color and gives some breathing room for the other furniture/accessories.

Placement and Size

Living room sizes and layouts are vast an innumerable, and with that, there are so many different ways to stylize it with a rug. Rugs can look well tucked completely underneath the furniture, underneath the front two legs, or directly in front of the sofa. Aside from the placement, you can also choose different sizes based on your room.When you use bold colors and patterns like this room does, it can be wise to use a smaller/medium rug so that it doesn't overwhelm your living room or hide your nice flooring.

Placement and Size (Part 2) - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

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Contemporary Living - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Mixing Style and Pattern

This living room mixes an aztec pattern with a traditional floral pattern, and yet the room still works! How can you imitate this in your living room? The key is to find commonalities with your different patterns and styles. This rug primarily uses reds, blues, and beiges--the same colors that you see in the pillows. The shades of those colors don't have to be exact matches; just as long as you choose colors that are in the same family and overall same hue, you can combine your two different styles/patterns.

Contemporary Living

If you're looking to use red to help you create a contemporary living room, you can include it in a few different ways. One way is to use a fun rug that looks more like an abstract piece of art than your typical rug does. Geometric shapes and stark lines are big parts of contemporary artwork, as are colors. Aside from the rug, you can include red in abstract wall art, fabrics, and other accessories.

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Mixing Style and Pattern - Red Living Room Decor Ideas
Coral Coastal - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Texture Lessons

Combining different textures is an effective way to add visual interest to your living room and add in flair. Don't limit yourself to adding in just one texture; include it throughout the room, even if it's subtle. The rug has a very clear texture to it, and then glancing around the room, you see that the pouf, vase, wall, flooring, chair, and blanket all have their different textures. So if you want to keep a space simple at a glance but purposefully designed, include pieces that have texture to them.

Coral Coastal

Coral red is a bold way to incorporate a coastal theme into your living room without falling back on the beach's typical blues and seafoam greens. To hone in on that coastal style, be sure to include lots of natural woods and textures, such as the wood flooring, driftwood statue, and wood side table. Keeping the rest of the color palette neutral will also serve as a callback to coastal style and let the reds in the room shine all the brighter.

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Texture Lessons - Red Living Room Decor Ideas
A Work of Art - Red Living Room Design Ideas

Go Bold

Adding in red with a bold, bright pattern is a perfect way to add in some drama and color to neutral rooms. When you have a bold pattern like this rug, it's wise to limit yourself with the other fabrics of the room and not include too many other patterns. You can still include pattern in the room, but don't do it immediately next to the rug; have it off to the side, like this room's butterfly artwork. It's distanced enough from the rug that it doesn't draw your attention away from it, but it serves as a nice connecting point between the rug's colors and the living room's use of pattern.

A Work of Art

When you choose art for a room, you probably think of art you hang on a wall or sit on a shelf, but that isn't the only way you can display art. The rug can be considered a piece of art in and of itself, especially when it has a central image or scene drawn onto it. This rug's artwork is composed of the large flower, but there are so many designs out there that you can definitely find one that shows off what you love in an artistic, unique way.

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Go Bold - Red Living Room Design Ideas
Red and Blue - Red Living Room Design Ideas

Busy Rugs

If you love all the colors of the rainbow and you want to use them all in your living room, you can! But it's important to not oversaturate the room with color, so when you do use a rug with so many colors, pick out one or two from the rug and let those be the accent colors of the room. This living room picked out the red tones (which includes pink) and orange brown tones for its accents and furniture. The good thing about limiting your accessory colors to one or two from the rug means that you're not frantically trying to pick out every color and cluttering your room; you can focus in on highlighting the colors you like best in the rug and go from there.

Red and Blue

Primary colors work well together, which means that red and blue are often a winning combo. To really tie those colors together, this room uses two techniques; the rug and the pillows. The rug obviously combines the colors in its design and serves to unify them. The other way is the pillows: the three white, red, and teal pillows are all of the same make and design but show off the different colors. Combining your colors like that with the pillows is a good way to make the space feel cohesive but still unique.

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Rustic Red - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Home Sweet Home

Traditional decor can often be a bit more ornamental, so to soften the look, choose pieces that have more basic lines and less extravagant patterns. By using a muted red rug like this one, you still harken back to traditional style with the color, but you've simplified it with the limited pattern and texture. You can add in ornamental details elsewhere in the room, such as the fireplace, built ins, or even gilded picture frames. Use simplicity and detail hand in hand to create a balanced room.

Rustic Red

Rustic decor can also take advantage of red. The pillows on the sofa may be a clean red color, but the rug on the floor does an excellent job tying back to the rustic theme by focusing on branches and using rusted, worn reds in its coloration. Plus, the wood on the wall and sofa have red tones as well. In your rustic red living room, you can focus in on those distressed, burnt red colors and woods with red tones to further accentuate your style.

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Home Sweet Home - Red Living Room Design Ideas

Red and Gray - Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Red and Gray

When paired together, red and gray can create a very sophisticated atmosphere. To create an elegant red living room, you should consider using the colors as the main fabrics as opposed to just the pillows or blankets or rug. Elegant and sophisticated living rooms often have an air of drama to them, and one of the best ways to add drama is to be bold with your furniture colors.

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The good news is, there are so many red living room decor ideas out there that you can create a red color scheme in your living room no matter what style you enjoy. Whether you enjoy the simplicities of farmhouse style or more contemporary design, you can incorporate red as a primary color or an accent to add in drama and class to your living room.


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