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26 Great Rug Ideas

Area rugs are an excellent option for protecting your floors, adding color to your space, and making your home easy to clean. They're a terrific alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting, and the right area rug ideas can really bring a room to life. Just as shoes complete an outfit, the right rug is often needed to complete a room's design. We've collected some of our favorite rug ideas to help you use these versatile beauties to transform your home and show off your unique personality.

Artistic Flair

The luxurious, distressed rug in this room introduces a splash of artistic flair and color, bridging the earthy wooden elements with the cooler tones of the furniture. Its expansive size and rich texture bring a sense of completeness to the space, anchoring the seating area and enhancing the room's elegant, seaside ambiance.

Tropical Decor

The tropical leaf-patterned rug in this bedroom introduces a fresh, natural element to the space, bridging the indoors with the lush outdoor landscape visible through the glass doors. Its vibrant green hues echo the room's accent pieces, infusing vitality into the serene, neutral-toned setting and reinforcing the home's resort-like ambiance.

Bathroom Luxury - Rug Ideas

Bathroom Luxury

The right bathmat or runner rug in the bathroom can create a spa-like experience in your bathroom. For example, you might use durable, classic rugs to offer a soft, warm spot for your feet to land after a shower or bath. Or you could place a runner rug in a narrow bathroom to make the space feel larger. Check out our favorite bathroom rug ideas to find the right fit to give your guest or master bathrooms an upgrade.

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Bedroom Bliss - Rug Ideas

Bedroom Bliss

Area rugs can ground and anchor your bedroom, making it feel inviting and relaxing to spend time in. They also create a warm spot to set your feet first thing in the morning while protecting your floor from the bedframe when needed. And since the bedroom is often a low-traffic zone, it's the perfect spot to indulge in a luxurious or delicate rug that you've always wanted. We invite you to look at some of our favorite bedroom rug ideas to get inspired.

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Dining Room Love

A good area rug is essential to make your dining room feel inviting and well designed. A dining room without an area rug often looks strange and unbalanced, as though the table and chairs are floating. Area rugs protect your floor from wear caused by the table and chairs, as well as the inevitable spills. They also give you the chance to add texture, color, and style to the dining room for added personality. Head over to our dining room rug ideas page to find design inspiration.

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Dining Room Love - Rug Ideas

Abstract Rug

The vibrant, abstract rug in this entryway injects a burst of color and energy, becoming a statement piece that complements the neutral walls and sophisticated woodwork. Its myriad of colors adds a modern, artistic touch, welcoming guests with a display of warmth and style.

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Geometric Rug

The bold, geometric-patterned rug in this space adds a striking visual foundation, complementing the deep blue upholstery and adding depth to the room's contemporary design. Its rich color and dynamic lines create a focal point on the floor, tying together the various textures and colors of the furnishings and décor.

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Setting the Tone -  Rug Ideas

Farmhouse Style

Modern farmhouse is one of the most popular interior decor styles right now, and it relies on great rugs. Intricately detailed traditional rugs help create a traditional foundation that you might have seen in authentic farmhouses of decades past. Head over to our collection of farmhouse rug ideas to see different ways to use area rugs throughout a farmhouse-style home.

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Setting the Tone

Entryway rugs set the tone for the rest of the home, showing off personality while adding color and texture. It's usually best to have an entryway rug outside to allow people to wipe their feet before entering and then another inside the door. The interior rug protects your floors at the highest traffic point in your home while offering the first taste of the decor in the rest of the house. Check out our favorite entryway rug ideas if you need some inspiration for your home's access points.

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Farmhouse Style - Rug Ideas

A Welcoming Kitchen - Rug Ideas

A Welcoming Kitchen

Area rugs help create a welcoming kitchen by softening the room and adding color. In addition, they protect the floors from high traffic, spills, and errant water droplets. Kitchen rugs can also provide your joints with extra padding if you place them at the stations where you do the most standing. Our kitchen rug ideas page features some of our favorite ways to enhance any kitchen with the right area rug placement and style.

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Sophisticated Comfort

The textured, grey area rug in this living room adds a layer of sophistication and comfort, anchoring the furniture and complementing the room’s neutral color scheme. Its rich, plush weave provides a contrast to the sleek hardwood floor, creating an inviting and cohesive space for relaxation and socializing.

Mid-Century Love - Rug Ideas

Mid-Century Love

Mid-century modern (MCM) decor is a timeless style that isn't going anywhere any time soon. And area rugs can play a crucial role in capturing a relaxed, classic MCM look in today's homes. And if you opt for layered rugs, you can add even more personality to almost any room. Check out our favorite mid-century modern rug ideas to find new ways to design your favorite spaces.

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Lovely Living Rooms

Area rugs help define the seating area in a living room, making it more inviting and cozier to spend time there. Even if your living room is carpeted, an area rug can protect the floor by the seating while making the space stand out. Rugs also help anchor your living room furniture, unifying the pieces you've selected and making the room look complete. We invite you to look at our living room rug ideas page if you'd like some inspiration for transforming your own living area or den.

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Lovely Living Rooms - Rug Ideas

Nursey Comfort - Rug Ideas

Nursery Comfort

The way you decorate your nursery can influence your baby, but it also impacts your mood when you spend time in the room. An area rug can add bright, cheerful, or calming colors to your nursery while being easy to change out as your little one grows. Rugs also add padding for your joints when standing in the nursery, which can be a welcome comfort as a tired new parent. Head over to our nursery rug ideas to find the best ways to decorate your little one's first room.

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Office Mood - Rug Ideas

Outdoor Style

Rugs work just as well in an outdoor setting as they do inside your home. Many indoor/outdoor rugs can withstand all types of weather and high levels of traffic while maintaining vibrant colors and a soft texture. Whether you're using them to define an outdoor sitting area or to lead the way to your front door, our outdoor rugs can help you fall in love with your home's exterior areas. Check out our outdoor rug ideas page to find ways to show the outside of your home some love.

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Office Mood

Whether you work from home or have an office at your place of work, the interior design in that space will impact your mood and productivity. An area rug can help make this zone feel inviting and comfortable, both of which are essential to getting your work done. Our office rug ideas page highlights some of our favorite ways to use area rugs to transform your office into a space you actually enjoy.

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Outdoor Style - Rug Ideas

Persian Quality - Rug Ideas

Persian Quality

Around the world, rug enthusiasts fawn over the beauty and quality of classic Persian rugs. And today, it's much easier (and more affordable) to enjoy this elegant style in your home. You'll find Persian rugs in all shapes, sizes, and colors, with a range of materials and durability levels to pick. So head over to our Persian rug ideas page to get inspired.

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Playful and Dynamic

The colorful, abstract rug in this room acts as a vibrant canvas that ties together the eclectic mix of colors and patterns, adding a playful and dynamic energy to the space. Its bold blue tones complement the yellow walls and colorful furnishings, making the room feel cohesive and spirited.

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Perfect Circles - Rug Decor Ideas

Perfect Circles

Round area rugs have many uses throughout the home. They work well with other round and circular pieces in a room, like the bubble chair in this image or a round dining table. In addition, round area rugs can create the illusion that a small space is larger. Take a look at our round rug ideas page to find the perfect way to add round rugs to your home.

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Subtle Playfulness

The pastel-striped rug in this room adds a subtle playfulness to the elegant space, with its soft lines and colors complementing the room's lively mix of patterns and textures. It serves as a gentle anchor amidst the vibrant furnishings and decor, contributing to the room's bright and cheerful atmosphere.

Coastal Inspired

The textured, cream-colored rug in this room introduces a layer of warmth and comfort, seamlessly blending with the coastal-inspired color palette and enhancing the room's bright, airy feel. Its subtle pattern and softness underfoot provide a gentle contrast to the sleek wood furniture and crisp lines, creating a harmonious and inviting living space.

Cozy Textures

The plush, shaggy rug in this living room adds a layer of softness and luxury, inviting relaxation and complementing the room's natural textures from the stone wall to the wooden ceiling beams. Its neutral, creamy color amplifies the light, enhancing the space's open and airy feel, while providing a cozy contrast to the sleek and modern furniture.

Children's Rugs - Rug Ideas

Laundry Room Love

The laundry room often gets overlooked when decorating a home, but an area rug in this space is essential. Area rugs protect the floor from high traffic, but they also provide padding to ease the stress on your joints while doing chores. The right laundry room rug can give the room personality and charm while making it easier to decorate. Runner rugs usually work best for the standard shape of laundry rooms.

Children's Rugs

Playful, colorful area rugs make it easy to transform your little one's favorite spaces. Kid's rugs are often made just to delight children, engaging little minds and stimulating the senses. You'll find styles and designs perfect for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, so there's always a good match for your little one. In addition to adding color and texture to your kid's space, area rugs also protect the floors and help you keep the room nice regardless of messes and accidents.

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Laundry Room Love - Rug Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Style - Rug Ideas

Mid-Century Style

If you can't get enough mid-century modern (MCM) style, you're not alone. Much like MCM is a staple in interior design, good area rugs are a staple in the style itself. So you'll have a wide range of options to choose from, whether you're looking for a thick shag rug for the living room or a subtle retro look for your home office. We invite you to check out our mid-century modern rug ideas for more inspiration and styling advice.

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Traditional Living Room

The ornate area rug in this living room provides a classic foundation that complements the room's rich, warm color scheme, adding depth to the room. Its intricate pattern and muted colors bridge the traditional and contemporary elements, harmonizing the various textures and finishes within the space.

We hope these area rug ideas have shown you ways to use area rugs throughout each room. From a bathmat by your shower to a runner rug at the front door, the right rug ideas can transform your home into a sanctuary. And the best part is that you can always roll up your existing rugs to make room for new rug ideas as your tastes change alongside your life.


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