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Tie Your Space Together

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In our fast-paced society, breakfast doesn’t get the respect it deserves. A good breakfast is an essential part of the day, and yet it's so common to skip it altogether. Designing a beautiful breakfast nook can encourage the whole family to take a few moments to enjoy this quintessential meal. And choosing the correct rug for breakfast nook décor lays a good foundation for everything else.

Breakfast Nook Dining Ideas

If you have the space in your kitchen, a round table is an excellent choice for maneuverability. Pair with a round dining room rug to create a cohesive look. Comfy chairs are a must, so consider splurging on a set you love and saving on the table by choosing something basic.

You might pair a rectangular breakfast nook rug with a round table for a more defined space. Whether or not your area sees much natural light, pick something bright and cheery.

If you've decided to entice yourself and your housemates with a welcoming space, the next step is finding the perfect breakfast nook rug. You'll want something inviting and uplifting to set the mood for happy mornings.

Round Rug Dining Ideas

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Super tight on space? A drop leaf table paired with a round breakfast nook rug can work perfectly if you don’t need to tuck the table away. If you do, try a runner rug instead. The runner will protect your floor when the table is folded away while still defining the space when it’s out.

Again, pick a bright color for your rug to set the mood for pleasant mornings.

Bonus tip: When not in use for eating, the space can double as a reading nook or relaxation space. Picture yourself curling up with a good book and a hot beverage to wind down from your day. For more inspiration, browse online photos for reading nook ideas.

If you have the room and budget set aside, our favorite breakfast nook solution is a custom banquette, like the swooping version shown here. A banquette is great because tons of people can slide in, and if you get it covered in a stain-resistant fabric, it’s kid-friendly as well. Pair with a rug in the some color palette for some added coziness, plus, to give the space even more of a wow-factor.

Dining Nook Ideas

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And of course, what good is a breakfast nook without a scrumptious breakfast? Even if you only have time for toast, you can make it extra-special by tracking down the best local bakery for bread or croissants, and treat yourself to a jar of seasonal jam.

For a quick breakfast nook refresh, get comfy with a new rug.


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