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How To Keep Rugs From Sliding

Now that you’ve picked the perfect rug for your space, you’ll want to make sure your rug stays right where you put it! Bunching, curling, slipping and sliding are annoying and even dangerous. Here are some great ways to keep rugs from sliding:

Rug Pad

A high quality non slip rug pad is the best place to start when you’re looking to keep your rug in one place...even on carpet! Rug pads vary in thickness and durability, and can be trimmed to fit any size rug. They help to reduce noise and absorb shock. Choose from our rug pad options below rug the perfect rug pad to fit your rug and flooring needs.

Carpet Tape

Double sided carpet tape can be a good solution to keep rugs from sliding. The tape is applied to the rug and then stuck in place to the carpet. It is not recommended for hardwood floors or rugs that already have a rubber backing. Also, be careful about putting anything adhesive on hand knotted or antique rugs as the tape can pull at the fibers and eventually damage the rug.

Silicone Caulking Or Hot Glue

If you search online for “How to Keep Rugs from Sliding” you may find recommendations for using silicone caulking or hot glue on the bottom of rugs. The adhesive is applied to the bottom of the rug, then allowed to dry completely. The dried glue is grippy, keeping the rug in place. However, it’s risky to put anything adhesive on the bottom of your rug. It can pull at the fibers, damaging the rug. And when walked on repeatedly, the dried glue or caulking can leave a residue on your flooring.

Now that we’ve walked through some of the most common ways to keep your rug from sliding, you can rest assured knowing that your new rug will stay in place.


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